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To the Editor:
I read an interesting article on The Police Studies Council web site ( that I believe might interest our community. The Death by Defiance  article was published in Answering the Call, Summer 2008. The full research article is available from the same web site at Read Ground-Breaking PPSC Deadly Force Study.

The article regards the possibility of a Police Officer misinterpreting perceived defiant behavior as a lethal threat. I read the article with the perspective of more information on dealing with armed LEO or other persons for that matter. This study and other articles on this web site might be of interest to our community members.


Paul England
Network member 

Thank you for your note and for sharing the interesting references.

The article by Tom Aveni makes an excellent companion piece to our December 2011 lead article about interacting with police. Aveni has the science, and the gentlemen contributing their experience to the December 2011 journal have the street time! Both, though, are dealing with the behavioral cues that police may see as initiating a threat, though that is not always the suspect's intentions. Those dangers were much in our minds when we published that December article.

I appreciate you bringing this additional information to our attention. Other members who read useful material on armed self defense and aftermath issues are encouraged to share the references with us, as well. Thank you!


To the Editor:
Regarding the pocket carry discussion in recent letter to the Editor, another option would be using tee shirt with gun holder sewn into it under a fake button shirt with zipper or magnet closure, which are all readily available on the market.

I'd be interested in any input regarding this type of carry in future or past newsletter articles.

Fred Zentgraf, Sr.
Network member

Thank you for contributing to the discussion started by Tom Givens’ recommendations of decent-sized handguns in the July edition of this journal. There are many, many alternatives to conventional holsters, including the tee shirt type you mention. All require dedicated practice to assure a quick, smooth draw. Of course, the belt-holstered handgun also requires practice. A lot of training organizations require students to use conventional belt holsters for formal training, so the armed citizen using a non-traditional holster will need to put in their own practice time. I’d suggest starting with a considerable amount of dry fire practice, to smooth out any glitches in the use of the tee shirt holster, augmented by live fire practice during which the shooter must pay exacting attention to safety, since many of the non-traditional holsters do not accommodate easy holstering.

The Network’s member-only forum has an entire section dedicated to concealed carry, and discussions about a variety of holsters and related topics are posted there. Because a forum offers much more immediacy in exchange of ideas, I recommend that members take this discussion to (member log-in required, so please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you've  forgotten your log in codes) and continue it there.


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