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Kind of an interesting list of ideas, isn’t it? But, I frankly see each and every one as imminently doable. Obviously though, to accomplish this dream list of topics, the Network would need to grow, and that is where YOU come in.

I would LOVE to see the Network as large and as influential as it would be if this dream list were to come true. The ONLY thing that would prevent us from attaining this is membership numbers. Just think about this idea for a minute. If each of our 5,000 plus members recruited just ONE MORE member before the end of the year, we would have more than 10,000 members in the Network. Then, if each member recruited just ONE NEW member in 2013, we would have 20,000 members by the end of 2013. (You see where this is going, don’t you?) Lets keep playing with the numbers. If each of the 20,000 members in 2014 recruited just ONE MORE member that year, by the start of 2015, the Network would have over 40,000 members, and half of my dream list would already be accomplished. Then, in just two more years, Network membership would stand at over 100,000 members, and with that financial power, we could then accomplish everything on the list, and likely much more.

Marty Numbers

Let’s call it the POWER OF ONE. Each person in the Network just has to recruit one new member a year. That’s all. In five years, we would then have accomplished everything on the above list. Seriously, every member reading this month’s President’s Message knows one person who could benefit from membership in the Network. Perhaps a close shooting buddy, a daughter or son, or a father or mother.

Why not buy them a membership? The effect on membership numbers would be the same as recruiting, and in five years, if both the giver and recipient recognized the value of their Network membership and both renewed, and each bought a membership for another person, we would reach 100,000 members in just five years.

Folks, we have already done the hard work! When Vincent, Gila and I took our own money and pooled it to start the Network, that was the first and hardest step. Getting the first 500 people who joined the Network to have faith and trust in us to follow through with what we have promised (I hope you realize we have done just that), well, that was the next hardest thing to accomplish. But, we did it. To convince the hundreds of attorneys and instructors that affiliating with the Network is worthwhile, that we were worthy of their trust, well, that was not easy, either. But, we did that, too. That was the hard work. Then, once the structure was in place with the help of the financial support of our increasing number of members, the work has been easier. Sure, there is a heck of a lot MORE work, but none is impossible, just time consuming.

Vincent, Gila and I started this network because WE personally wanted to be a part of something like the Network, and it didn’t exist. When you signed up as a member, you must have understood that being a part of this Network had real value, and with the very strong renewal rates we enjoy, we know that you still appreciate being a part of the Network.

With that in mind, can you help the Network grow? Can you recruit just ONE new member before the year is out? Even if it means buying a membership for a family member or friend? If you do, you will see amazing things happen to the Network, and the great part of it is that your membership will also be worth so much more.

Thanks for sharing my dreams.


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