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The Power of One

Marty-eJournal column pixby Marty Hayes

What does the future hold for the Network? Well, to answer that question, we should first take a brief look at the past.

Started in 2008, the Network has grown from an idea, into a vital membership organization of over 5,700 members. We have produced 57 monthly editions of the eJournal (there is some really good reading there, folks) and have assisted two of our members in court proceedings after acts of self defense.

We have also amassed a Legal Defense Fund, which is very close to going over the $200,000 mark, funded primarily through member dues, and secondarily through corporate sponsorships and member contributions.

We have also helped educate over 100,000 gun owners regarding the laws concerning use of deadly force in self defense, through our 24-page booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law. And, this year, we started offering Continuing Legal Education training courses for attorneys, instructors and Network members.

So, that is where we are presently. Now, allow me the luxury of dreaming a little and discussing what the future might hold for the Network. In no particular order, I can imagine the following as part of our long-range plan: 

  • A membership of over 100,000 law-abiding gun owners, all committed to responsible gun ownership and use, who are well educated, well trained and capable of defending themselves and their families if attacked, as well as capable of defending themselves (with our help, of course) in court, if necessary.


  • A Legal Defense Fund of over one million dollars, which would not only be used for helping a member with a legal issue, but I also dream of perhaps helping with bail money and living expenses if necessary (such as is required for George Zimmerman).
  • Aggressive growth of our public educational efforts, currently led by our Network Affiliated Instructors and Network Affiliated Gun Stores, who distribute the Network's booklet and brochure, as well as telling their students and customers why Network membership is important. A structure that will support broader distribution of the booklet is just now in the formative stages, so I'm not at liberty to discuss that until  more of the details are clear. I just want to let you know that we are committed to becoming the leader in use of force and aftermath education for armed citizens.
  • Establishment of a nationwide “Self-Defense Bar,” which would include member attorneys from all across the nation, all of whom are committed to and educated in how to defend self-defense cases.
  • Yearly Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network member gatherings, moved around the country to offer in-person training for our members in use of force in self defense.
  • A newsstand publication devoted exclusively to self-defense issues.
  • Our own cable TV show, which could reach millions of viewers annually.
  • Our own line of Network-approved ammunition, holsters and self-defense firearms, all of which would be predicated on reliability, effectiveness and court defensibility.
  • Regional training schools, with courses offered by Network-certified instructors, to meet the demand for responsible, cost effective firearms and self-defense training.
  • Our own law firm, available to handle cases for our members in all 50 states, including the ability to be hired to handle other self-defense cases for non-members.