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I don’t think he had ever perceived that he would be in a situation where someone he knew–a member of the family–would pull a gun on him, and nothing could have prepared him for his wife misunderstanding the situation and jumping in front of the gun at the very second he is pulling the trigger.

If you don’t have the plan already on file for the computer to look up, that computer inside your head goes looking for the solution to the problem and it comes up, “No file found.”

eJournal: This has been a very sobering conversation. Do you have any final words of advice, anything to add that we haven’t discussed?

Ayoob: Yes, I do. You definitely need to call 9-1-1. I’ve heard the advice to call your lawyer and have your lawyer call the police. All you have to do is ask your lawyer right now. “Hey, is that a good plan?” and your lawyer will say, “What? Are you nuts? Do you want me to be your lawyer or not?” See, if you involve the attorney in making the emergency call, he becomes a witness and then he cannot be your advocate. Also, in doing that, you are establishing from the ground up, “I care more about keeping myself out of trouble than I care about this man bleeding to death on the sidewalk.” Once again, we are back to deliberate indifference, and a pattern of behavior that is NOT consistent with the righteous armed citizen who has used firearms in self defense.

eJournal: Those are very convincing points. Well, Mas, I appreciate you taking the time after a long day of teaching to share your knowledge with us. I believe these are points about which armed citizens need to think long and hard, and you’ve given us some true-life examples to show why what we do in the aftermath is so terribly important. On behalf of all of us at the Network, thank you.


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