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BWrightPortraitby Brady Wright

It’s been quite a month and it’s a pleasure to welcome so many new members to our ranks here at the Network. One of my favorite things is to learn how things are going with our affiliates’ businesses, classes and clients, as we all do the work of keeping folks prepared to defend themselves in this world.

One of the best parts of being the networking guy is hearing about how our affiliates help to spread the word about what we do. Our friend Phil Smith (maybe better known as Johnny Appleseed!) regularly emails to share his travels. Last month I mentioned him passing along some booklets to his barber in Massena, NY. A short time ago, when he went in for a hair cut, Phil was surprised to walk in and see the booklets on display in the shop and hear that the barber had handed out many booklets to his customers, including some women he knew who owned hand guns. Like Phil, many Network members find that it’s simple to hand people some information about something you believe in.

If you attend shooting matches or gun classes, why not take a supply of Network booklets or brochures for your fellow participants? Just before this journal’s deadline, we heard from Chris, an OH member who just recently renewed her membership and was pleased when she received the logo ball cap that goes out to second year members.

She wrote, “I’m down to only about 5-6 of the brochures you sent and would love to get another set. Especially since I have the hat to wear now and I’m sure it will generate inquiries.Hat-1

Photo: When Network members renew for their second year we send them a nice, embroidered ball cap to wear at the gun club, shooting matches, and other places where gun owners gather.

Several people at the IDPA match on Sunday took brochures and I’m sure the last of my stash will be given out this weekend at an integrated concealed carry training course I’m attending. It is geared toward people who carry most/all of the time and gives them real world skills for typical confrontations while teaching that the gun is rarely the first response (usually there is some sort of physical defensive move which the course teaches). It’s given by this group:”.

Thank you, Chris! We really appreciate the exposure to all those shooters, people who we would otherwise have little opportunity to reach. The more members that join the Network, the stronger the Legal Defense Fund grows. We all benefit!

Chris Zeeb in Syracuse, NE teaches a number of defensive force and firearms safety classes. After I sent him more booklets, he said, “Thanks for getting these out. Classes are going well, things did seem to slow down for the summer, but then the unfortunate shooting in Aurora CO, caused many people to think, ‘Wow, I better do something to protect myself.’ Very unfortunate something bad has to happen for folks to realize this.” Agreed, Chris. It is tragic when people are impacted by violence, when it might have been stopped much sooner with knowledge or forethought.

Steve Eichelberger wrote me to ask for a short hold on his booklet supply. It’s a great way to keep well stocked but not over-stocked on Network literature. Remember, we can provide you with any reasonable quantity of booklets and brochures, delivered at the interval that works best for you. All it takes is to call or shoot me an email!


Don Streater sent greetings from the Tidewater, in Yorktown, VA. He said, “Brady, could you send us another case of the booklets What Every Firearms Owner Needs to Know about Self Defense Law?