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The result of this kind of outreach creates steady growth and while it’s not flashy, this conservative foundation for the Network is secure and assures that this organization will be here many years from now.TheBestDefenseSurvival-800x533

Network President Marty Hayes continues to make guest appearances on radio and television, speaking about the Network’s efforts, and educating audiences about the legal aftermath of self defense. He returns for a second season on the Outdoor Channel’s program The Best Defense, this season presenting information more tightly focused on the program instead of the general lecture points he gave during the 2011 season. Members and non-members alike tell us they make it a point to tune in to watch his contributions to The Best Defense, so they should be even happier this year, as he offers a specific analysis about each episode. In addition, he is happy to give radio and podcast interviews, and usually is invited to do that about half a dozen times a year. We hope to increase this kind of outreach, as we always reap dividends when informative interviews or educational articles spotlight the Network.

Network Vice President Vincent Shuck’s efforts expanded corporate sponsorship for the Legal Defense Fund and the Network during 2011, and now Accurate Edge, Blade-Tech, CCW Breakaways, Crimson Trace Corporation, Dakota Ammunition/Cor®Bon, Galco, North American Arms, Recluse Holsters and Safe Direction, LLC are listed as our corporate sponsors. These businesses have contributed to the Legal Defense Fund via product contributions that were auctioned on Others on this list distribute Network materials as part of their mail orders. We are grateful for their outreach, as we’ve seen many new members report learning about the Network because one of our booklets arrived with their order. The Network also has a booth at the NRA Annual Meeting each year, using that excellent venue to speak with gun owners who share the same concerns as do we and other Network members.


Let’s return briefly to the topic of Network Affiliated Attorneys. Last year, we increased our count of Affiliated Attorneys from our 2010 numbers of 120 in 40 states to 203 in 45 states. Understand that these men and women are not just lawyers from undetermined sources that we list on our website. Not at all! Each Network Affiliated Attorney is a full member of the Network, receiving the same educational DVDs as do our members.

Many also contribute to the Attorney Question of the Month column in this monthly online journal, giving you a chance to see how clearly they understand topics of concern to our members.

We have high hopes for reaching even more attorneys in 2012 as development of a continuing legal education program for attorneys (CLE) approaches reality. We’ve spent several years refining the CLE curriculum, and one of the best things to happen to this fledgling program has been Network Advisory Board member James Fleming’s willingness to step into the role of director of curriculum development for CLE.

Now, dates and locations for a handful of pilot CLE programs are firming up for 2012. The initial CLE classes will be led by Massad Ayoob and James Fleming, organized by Marty Hayes and Vincent Shuck, and hosted by attorneys local to the area of the training. As the class dates near, we will notify our members as they will be welcome to attend and tuition rates are discounted for Network members.

Think about this: what organization can show not only several hundred attorney members who are happy to be resources to their fellow members, but also trains those and other attorneys to provide the best counsel and defense for armed citizens? With each milestone in preparing the Network’s CLE program, we become increasingly excited about being able to better prepare attorneys to defend innocent armed citizens.