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The website template’s PDF download icon is indeed faulty so we provide the ”Get eJournal PDF here” link to the downloadable PDF with each monthly journal description. It should help, and besides, that link is more prominent and probably will be used more.

The new online journal format has an “All Pages” option at the upper right of each journal page. When converting journal material for personal use or printing the journal, I believe members will have the best results copying out of “All Pages."

This has to go! I print 3 pages to get one usable page. I have a folder (in memory) of all the back [journal] copies. PDF is very good. I know PDFs take a lot of bandwidth but this format isn’t worth my time. Can you make each article a separate email down load?

I answered several requests to distribute the journal by email and others have asked for a link to the journal download in our announcement emails. Unfortunately, both options cause big problems. Bulk email is a necessity for an organization like the Network, but if I include live links or attachments, many email settings relegate the message to the Spam folder. Before you retort that it sounds like a problem for the end user, let me explain how this costs the Network money.

When services like Comcast detect our emails being marked as spam, they black list our IP address and any emails sent to that provider are returned undeliverable. A number of providers subscribe to commercially compiled black lists, and if, for example, Comcast black lists our IP address that action snowballs and we will experience delivery problems from others as well.

When that happens, I call our IT contractor and he checks the blacklist, finds our IP address on it, and opens a ticket with Comcast (or the appropriate provider). Sometimes it takes a while to get delisted, during which time not only are we unable to answer many other emails so business is disrupted, but the time spent following up to get off the list costs money, too. It took a few harsh lessons early on, but I’ve learned to avoid links and attachments in our bulk email to members and it has been quite sometime since I’ve fought a blacklist problem.

I got the impression from your general membership e-mail that there are a lot of people who cannot access your PDF file. Yes, the web version is not as beautiful but it doesn’t use the memory that a PDF does and if all members can access the web version, then everyone wins.

I wish a paper magazine journal was available. I understand there would be a cost involved.

The cost of publishing and distributing a paper magazine is truly formidable. Our Network leadership determined in 2008 that online publishing was our best option to deliver educational articles to our members, as it does not siphon off money better dedicated to building up the Legal Defense Fund. Since then, publishing and distributing magazines has only become more expensive, so we stand by our first decision. Thank you for understanding.

VERY easy format to use. And all the links work! Good job.

I’m one of the Adobe Acrobat-challenged and I’ve gotta tell you the new format is too cool. I’m only on page two but it came right up without me trying to get a PDF time after time by refreshing till I was so frustrated. This is a great format. Thank you.

For the record, I prefer the old newsletter format.

YAY! I’m so happy to have the journal as a web page! Thank you!

Thank you for all of your emails! My ongoing challenge is meeting all of our members’ needs. I sincerely hope this month’s journal makes strides toward that goal, and if it falls short, be assured I’ll continue taking steps to make the most out of website formatting while keeping the Network’s educational monthly publication accessible to the largest number of members.

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