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Practical Home Security – A Guide to Safer Urban Living 

Haddox Bk CvrBy Alex Haddox100 pages, softbound
ISBN: 978-0615551920
Palladium Education, Inc.
50 S. Delacey Avenue, Suite 202, Pasadena, CA  91105

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Reviewed by Brady Wright

The latest work by Alex Haddox is an introduction to the man for this reviewer. Because of that, I spent some time going over his section on credentials, so that I could learn where the information he was sharing came from.

At 80 pages, it’s easy to underestimate the value of a book, so I was reassured and even energized to see that his varied and well-studied background includes a solid resumé in the disciplines of armed and unarmed encounters, law enforcement and, as an added bonus, a Master’s degree in adult education and training. Now, I could expect that Haddox’ work would be grounded in experience and packed with concise practice and usable insight.

The book does not disappoint.

Haddox will be familiar to many from his Practical Defense podcast, which you can find online. Having listened to many of those great webcasts, I found his clear and reasonable technique well in evidence in Practical Home Security.

He uses the device of “overview-explanation-example” in his discussions of over 70 situations and scenarios that cover the concerns of every citizen who would go armed in this world. The clear and logical writing style gives the reader a no-BS encyclopedia of how to make good defensive decisions for self and family. This is a freight car full of information packed into a Kindle-sized package.

Practical Home Security, A Guide to Safer Urban Living is available through Palladium Education, Inc. and you can find them at, and Alex Haddox’ podcasts and website are at The book is a great value and should be in the library of everyone who is serious about armed self-defense and family safety.

Haddox’ writing style is very narrative and he uses a clear and easy to follow “challenge-action-example” template to cover the array of defensive topics that relate to assessing, securing and defending your home and grounds, in an urban environment. While most of these ideas and skills will work for those who live in more rural areas, the book is aimed at city dwellers and enhancing their ability to control their own safety and security. It would be impossible to pick a single chapter or even three or four that have the greatest value: each one is filled with rock solid observations on the alpha mentality, based on a life of experience and training.

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