President’s Message

Marty-eJournal column pixby Marty Hayes, J.D.

Recently, my home state was targeted by the anti-gun crowd (most of whom enjoy the relative peace and comfort of armed body guards) through a very restrictive and poorly worded initiative to implement universal background checks within our state. Well, thanks to the millions and millions of dollars poured into misleading and outright false advertising bought and paid for by a few moneyed elites, the initiative passed.

Now, I am not a constitutional scholar, but even so, I believe the wording of the initiative, which will become law on Dec. 4th, 2014, is patently unconstitutional. At least most of it is. So, here in WA we are bracing for both the implementation of the law, and the court challenge, which is surely coming. And make no mistake, WA is the test case for this new attack on our gun rights, both at the polls and in the courtroom. If you live in a blue state but also enjoy relatively lax gun restrictions, as did WA, then you can be assured you are being eyeballed for the same type of activity. It is such a waste of money and time. But, it IS the reality we now face, and I am anxiously waiting for the details of the lawsuits and who is working for us here in WA. I will be supporting them with my dollars, and when that occurs, will let you know where you can join the fight, if you so desire.

Network Member Case #9

We recently had a Network member involved in a self-defense case. I would like to tell you about the Network response. The member called from the hospital, where he was recovering from a gunshot wound.

The shooting happened in his home, and while the bad guy got away the police tracked him down, and he is being prosecuted for shooting our member. Our member defended himself with deadly force against the criminal but was not arrested. On his police report the boxes marked “victim” and “witness” were both checked.

As soon as we were called, the Network sent money to this member’s attorney to cover his legal fees. The member followed the advice given in our educational DVDs and declined to give a formal interview right after the incident. Instead, he told the police that he had been attacked and that he would sit for an interview when his attorney was available. The member then contacted us here at the Network office. I asked what attorney he wanted to represent him, and I then contacted the attorney and made arrangements to cover the costs of service to his client. It all went very smoothly. Later, the member wrote, in part–

Mr. Hayes:
I was recently involved in a self-defense shooting. I thank God for leading me to your website and I thank Him for you and your team.

The educational videos were the most helpful; especially the part that discussed the after effects and the emotional roller coaster I and my family would have to deal with. I was so relieved to hear your voice on the other end of the phone telling me that you were going to do all that your brochure had promised.

Even though I was attacked on my own property and was the only one with a gunshot wound, the police roped off my property and my truck for three days calling it a crime scene, which hindered my transportation and work.

Up until yesterday rumors were out that the police intended to charge me with aggravated assault, which had me slightly concerned until they returned my weapon and holster to me yesterday afternoon.