Compiled by Gila Hayes

In contacting Network affiliated instructors and gun shops about supplying our booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law, I’ve received updates from all across the country. Here are some highlights—

Looking for a reason to go to Arizona in December? Chuck Taylor is teaching his Special Advanced Tactical Handgun Course on December 13-14 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility north of Phoenix. Sounds like a great chance to enjoy some winter sunshine and log two meaningful days of training that includes many skills challenges. Find details and contact info at When you’re at class, be sure to thank Chuck and Gail for their support of the Network, because a number of our California and Arizona members report that they first learned about the Network while training with Chuck.

Just because the winter rains have started in Oregon, don’t write off our Affiliated Instructor Steve Eichelberger! His November schedule includes From Fundamentals to Fighting Skills and Low Light/Night Fire training. is a good place to get started checking out training you can get with him this month. Steve is a former prosecutor, and attorney, firearms instructor at the Oregon Police Academy and decorated Vietnam combat veteran.

Affiliate Jim Burgess and his crew at Armed Citizens Network of Wisconsin are giving copies of our booklet to students in their Wisconsin Concealed Carry Licensing courses. A WI license is recognized in 26 states, according to where we also note that they have several CCL classes scheduled in November. If you haven’t got your Wisconsin license yet, give them a call. ACNOW also teaches the class required for the Utah non resident concealed carry license and notes that their program satisfies Florida’s carry license training requirement. They can even organize a class in your home or a gun-friendly business location.

Rochester, NY Personal Defense under the guidance of our affiliate Dave Jenkins has a full November schedule with programs ranging from qualifications for retired law enforcement under HR 218, concealed carry license classes, basic pistol, first aid/CPR, concealed carry for women and a lot more. Dave’s group has a class or three scheduled every weekend. Check out for training.

Our affiliated instructor Steve Camp has an interesting blog at with the latest post discussing .22 LR pistols for training. Like all of Steve’s posts, the latest is illustrated with nice photos and links to supporting info. Whether you are close enough to train with Steve in Addison, IL at classes he teaches or when he hosts our Advisory Board Member John Farnam and Vicki Farnam as guest instructors at Ravelin Group (see, you can learn from what he has written on a variety of topics.

Frank Sharpe has published a good article on carrying a second gun at a website operated by our affiliated instructor in Illinois, John Boch. John and his team also have a lot of personal safety classes, concealed carry licensing classes, pistol and rifle classes and more scheduled at John is a lifetime shooter with a passion for teaching new armed citizens gun safety, self defense tactics and legal considerations.

Network members, support these affiliates and all the others linked at because they help the Network grow by giving clients a copy of a Network brochure or our Foundation’s educational booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law while explaining the value of Network membership for armed citizens.

Affiliates, please notify me about programs, classes, open houses and other events you have scheduled in December and January so we can encourage members to attend. In addition, if you are getting toward the bottom of your box of our booklets or brochures, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 360-978-5200 so we can support your efforts to tell your clients about the values of Network membership.

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