President’s Message

Marty-eJournal column pixby Marty Hayes, J.D.

Since publicizing the recent Network v. The World article on our website, I have received many good and kind comments from members, and we have gained several new members who were researching the issue and read the article. I would like to ask you all a favor. How about posting the link to the article on your social media outlets? Unless of course, you are keeping your gun ownership and membership to the Network a secret from folks who might not understand. If you are, I completely understand.

Comments about the Network Survey

While our Vice-President, Vincent Shuck, covered the results of the survey nicely in his article, I just wanted to take a minute to add my thanks to all those who participated in it. It is nice to see that you all believe we are on the right track. One thing that I took away from it was that a self-defense legal certification test that members could voluntarily take is something that many members would like. I agree, and it will be a topic of discussion at our annual Advisory Board meeting in January, at the SHOT Show.

Court Proofing Self Defense at 2015 RangeMaster Tactical Conference

At last years A Girl and A Gun conference, I put on a presentation called Court Proofing Self Defense. The two-hour presentation takes the student through a litany of bullet points (pun intended), that are what I believe people should do, and what they should not do to survive what Jeff Cooper aptly named “problem two.”

I will be offering the presentation again at the upcoming RangeMaster Tactical Conference.

For those who have never attended, the Tactical Conference is a simply awesome event each year, for which Tom Givens (one of our Network Advisory Board members) brings together about 20 of his closest friends and colleagues from the training business and each presents classroom and range training. The attendees get to pick and choose what classes interest them, and participate in a fun tactical shooting match, too, if they so choose. If you want more information, see this link:

Michael Bloomberg, et al. v. Washington State Gun Owners

Here in Washington state, we are fighting a very real and concerted effort to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms, in the form of Initiative 594, a poorly worded background check and registration scheme designed to limit the commerce in small arms. If it passes, all transfers (either sale, loan, trade or gift) will have to go through a licensed dealer. While in the big picture, I am not opposed to background checks, this measure is so poorly written that it will be held up in court for years, and completely unenforceable.

If this passes here, expect to see something similar come to your state. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is backing the effort, as is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and others. Also, elected Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, from King County is backing the initiative. I’m very disappointed to see Satterberg sucking up to the liberals in King County.

I am giving a couple of talks in the coming weeks to political groups regarding the issues, and since I haven't worked out my outline yet, I had better get at it.

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