Editor’s Notebook

by Gila Hayes

Heraclitus is supposed to have said, “The only thing constant is change,” and if that obscure Greek philosopher was right, it’s best not to get too attached to any particular way of doing things! This attitude applies especially well to our affiliates’ shipments of the Foundation’s complimentary booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law since our special projects coordinator Brady Wright can no longer fill booklet orders, having accepted a full-time position with his other employer, as noted on the previous page.

Last Friday, getting an early start on handling Brady’s duties, I shipped out 36 boxes of booklets to various Network affiliated instructors and affiliated gun shops. Some were Brady’s “regulars,” but many were going out to affiliated members who answered my email asking if they were still distributing the booklets and recommending Network membership to their clientele. A big “Thank you!” goes to each affiliate who answered my email. Let me add a gentle reminder to the rest to check your supplies of booklets and let me know what you need.

Needing to manage booklet shipments as efficiently as possible, I am asking affiliates to estimate how many booklets they can give out to students and gun shop customers in the coming six months, as it not only saves packaging time but also reduces our postage costs if I can mail larger quantities of booklets less frequently. You, our affiliates, will get what you need; you just don’t have to ask for it so often.

On a related topic, each month I reach out to a sampling of affiliates from whom we have not had a booklet order for a long time, starting with a courtesy email and following up where necessary by first class letter. I get worried when the email either bounces or goes unanswered and grow especially concerned when a first class letter sent to an affiliate is returned undeliverable. I know instructors and gun shops juggle many, many tasks–I’m on the ops team of two successful small businesses, so yes, I do know the work loads involved–

but please, please tell me when you change your email or mailing address.

Now and then we entirely lose contact with an affiliate and after sending emails and first class mail, unless we receive a response, we have to conclude that the relationship is over. When that happens, the affiliate is removed from active membership in the Network and no longer has access to Network member benefits. That’s a step I always regret taking, and it can all be avoided by helping me keep your contact information current!

As Brady outlined on the previous page, in addition to coordinating our affiliates’ booklet shipments, I will also compile the Networking column from now on. I say “compile” because in essence, our affiliates’ announcements make up the column, so it doesn’t really have an author – other than our affiliates. The Networking column was created specifically to bring Network members into contact with Network affiliated instructors and Network affiliated gun shops. Its success relies on affiliates sharing program and event announcements with me, with enough lead time that members reading the column can get it on their personal schedule. I recommend that affiliates let me know about events 60-90 days in advance and by the 20th of the month for inclusion in the next journal. I am looking forward to getting announcements about affiliates’ classes, open houses, special guest events, and other business activities at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone me at 360-978-5200. If I’m off taking care of something else, like packing booklets and taking them to the Post Office, my assistant can take notes and forward your announcement to me, so don’t be shy about calling or sending me an email or even leaving me a voice mail if after-hours is the only time you can get to the phone.

Apparently Heraclitus axiom “had legs” because there are a lot of variations on the theme of continual change, growth and advancement, even in pop culture! The reality of certain change is evident in our day to day growth at the Network. Every day at the Network is an adventure and I’m looking forward to coordinating more closely with our valued Network affiliates.

[End of September 2014 eJournal.
Please return next month for our October edition.]