President’s Message

Marty-eJournal column pixby Marty Hayes, J.D.

Things have been pretty quiet for me this past month. It has been a nice break.

I did speak on one radio program, Shootin' From the Hip with co-host Mark Avery. You can hear the archived show for July 19th, 2014 at

Mark is a long-time Network member who approached me and told me that he had invited two of the Network's competitors to be on the show. Would I like to participate? he asked. I, of course, agreed! I would have enjoyed exposing some of the flaws in the other programs, but Mark said the others never responded to his invitation. I suppose they just didn't want to discuss their programs in a media they cannot control. Even so, we had a good discussion about insurance, the NRA plan, and of course the Network.

For those in the Dayton, Ohio area, Mark runs Sim-Trainer and Indoor Gun Range. If you haven't seen his facility yet, check it out.

Mark’s invitation to be part of his radio program was timely because for quite a while I have been researching a comparison of all the post-self defense protection plans currently available to armed citizens nationwide and it has proven to be a Herculean project. I am finding that some of the companies that were in the market place at the beginning, have since gone by the wayside. Well, that is normal in an open, capitalist society. The cream rises to the top. The Network must be considered part of the cream, because competing plans like to compare what they offer against the Network’s membership protections.

In doing that, of course, they tout what they believe are their strong points, and ignore ours.

What do they ignore? First, they all ignore the eight educational DVDs through which the Network actually helps educate our members. There’s no mention of that when they do their comparison charts. They also do not discuss our nearly $400,000 Legal Defense Fund, set aside for our members to use when they are being prosecuted after a self-defense incident. Additionally, they do not mention the industry leaders who have chosen the Network as their plan to cover their backs: leaders such as Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Tom Givens, Dennis Tueller and attorneys Manny Kapelsohn and James Fleming.

In fact, the Network’s approach to the aftermath issue (what Jeff Cooper called "Problem Two") is so different from the other insurance and pre-paid legal programs that an actual side-by-side comparison has proven virtually impossible. Instead, in my comparison I will discuss this fledgling industry as a whole and outline the upsides and downsides of each type of plan with links to all the other serious companies so you can easily compare other plans to what the Network does for members. I hope to have it available by next month.

One last thing: the Network has a very active and seriously intellectual FaceBook page up and running. Each week, cases about use of deadly force in self defense are posted and discussed. This is law school level stuff, and while impertinent and cheeky posts are not appreciated (so I am a strict administrator), we do have some very good discussions. Every member of the Network should take a look once in a while. If you "do" FaceBook you should be following our page at