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It’s August and I can’t believe the year is going so fast. So fast that, when I heard from Tom Eichling, it took me a moment to realize how long I’ve been doing this column and how many new members may have come along in the intervening years. More from Tom in a minute, but it was his question that reminded me that not everyone knows how I ended up writing this monthly screed.

Aside from doing the fulfillment duties at the Network, I also handle Special Projects and I am an administrator on the Network Facebook page. By my count, combined new Network members and new participants on the Network’s Facebook page exceeded 100 just in the last month. That’s a great addition to the group and just that many more brothers and sisters to stand with!

Still, my participation is mostly behind-the-scenes so, because I think it’s important to know where the information you get is coming from, here is a little background on your humble author.

I have been a shooter and gun owner since I was 12 years old. I became licensed to carry concealed in my home state of Washington when I was 21 and also hold a non-resident license from Arizona, which allows me reciprocity in 32 states. I began my formal firearms training when I was 25 and through the Firearms Academy of Seattle and several other organizations including the NRA, I have taken every course offering I could afford, several of them twice (right and left handed).

I was the general manager of an indoor range and gun shop for a number of years, and had the opportunity to sell, train with and shoot nearly every kind of firearm that existed, since we were also the qualification facility for several local law enforcement agencies, who were kind enough to let the young GM hang around and shoot with them. (I had the keys to the building, don’tcha know). It was there that I met Marty and Gila Hayes, whom I’ve been proud to call friends for almost 25 years.

I studied unarmed disciplines for many years including several forms of karate, aikido, escrima, kali, pentjak silat, various blade arts including kenjutsu. I am a hobby-level builder of knives, swords, canes and walking sticks and I have collected all of those for several decades. In addition, I have spent about ten years consulting civilians on personal defense weapon choices and hand-to-hand systems. I am amazed at how much I have yet to learn.

I hold memberships in the NRA at the Endowment level, Golden Eagles, NAGR, GOA, Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) and I carry a gun every day of my life. Ninety five percent of the people I deal with have no idea it is there. That is as it should be.

The mandate given to me for this column was to talk with and listen to (equal parts of the equation, in my humble opinion) our members and affiliates and share that knowledge with the members in general. I am deficient in only one area and that is: I am not telepathic. That means that, in order for me to share information, people need to send it to me!

Which brings us back to our Network Affiliated Instructor, Tom Eichling, who is expanding the training he offers at Accurate Edge, LLC in FL. (see Substantial improvements to his live fire ranges this year are going to pay off in some exciting new classes for Accurate Edge students, but he has asked that we wait for his formal announcement to discuss those. Although he’s developing a new website, the current one,, underscores the depth of the training opportunities at Accurate Edge, so if you’re in the Florida area, you should get to know Tom Eichling. Phone him at 844-822-5207 for class details.

As always, if you have news to share, or a win we should celebrate, send it to me by email, phone, carrier owl or smoke signal. I can’t talk about it unless I hear from you! If you need any Network materials to give to clients or customers, call or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll take care of it personally!

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