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BWrightPortraitby Brady Wright

For a fun change of pace, I am going to start this month’s column with a product review. It is something I don’t normally do, but this one is too good to pass up! If, like most every shooter I ever knew, you own a J-frame revolver, the folks at Ergo Grips have a new product called the Delta Grip that is ridiculously good. I won’t do a big technical or descriptive yak because this picture is self-explanatory.

What isn’t immediately evident is just how comfortable the grip is! I put about 200 rounds through a gun equipped with it this afternoon before writing this. The grip indexes the gun in my average-sized hand so well that it felt like a part of me. It is a bit different during the load/unload process, but not negatively so, just new and different. For $19.99, experimenting with it is a worthwhile project. I’m going to carry and use it for a few months, but so far it’s a winner! You can learn more at

Ergo Delta grip

Now, back to our main topic, the fun our Network members and affiliates have been sharing with us! We’re always happy to hear from our friend Phil in PA who, as regular readers will know, never misses a chance to say good things about the Network to anyone on the East Coast who will listen. A while back, he had a guy come in to spray his house for ants and they began talking about other projects. The guy gives Phil a card and it’s for the Smoketown Gun Shop. The pest guy runs the gun shop in the evening. Before you know it, Phil had him very interested in learning more about the Network and our membership benefits. Phil gave him a handful of booklets and hooked him up with our website at Thanks, Phil! That’s how it’s done!

As you may also be aware, our Affiliate Alecs Dean has been providing the Network booklets, What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law, and membership applications to each student and each certified firearms instructor he trains. Alecs also distributes the books to no fewer than two dozen large retail outlets throughout Florida so they may provide our educational message to their own customers.

Alecs just shared with me that in response to a request from firearms attorney Eric Friday in Jacksonville, Florida, he drew up some research on the many self-defense insurance plans that have popped up nationwide–mostly as a result of the George Zimmerman case. Mr. Friday, who is also a Network Affiliated Attorney, in turn used this research for a presentation he made to Second Amendment Foundation.

Alecs very kindly ranked the Network at the top – Number 1 – even though Network membership benefits are not actual insurance. Alecs considered a number of factors, including:
1) How long has the company been in business?
2) Is it available in all 50 states?
3) Does it provide assistance for all means of defense (or just defense with a gun)?
4) Does it cover just attorney fees (or expert witnesses, depositions, investigators, re-constructions, filing fees, etc.)?