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jvshuckMembership Survey Update

by Vincent Shuck

As noted in last month’s eJournal, we announced our first-ever membership survey and invited everyone to share their opinions about the nature of the Network and its future. A sincere thank you to those who responded to the survey and shared information.

Access to the survey is now closed. Just over 10% of the membership responded and provided information that we are now compiling. The information will be used in our strategic planning process to identify areas for improvement, where we can build on our achievements and perhaps even set new directions. But please don’t let the “new directions” concept scare you because in our preliminary review of your input, we can tell you like what we are doing and it’s obvious that many of you are suggesting that we continue doing what we do best and not try to become all things for all people. Good advice.

Information was sought about length of membership, respondent’s age, reasons for joining, affiliation with an attorney, and the need for new or expanded activity. All of this is being tabulated and analyzed. Due to the fact that the survey was only offered online, the views of members who do not have ready or reliable Internet access may be slightly under-represented. But based on our survey experience, we do not see this contributing to a skewed result.

There were three questions that contained open-ended response options and many members elected to offer comments. Not surprisingly, many of the comments addressed complaints about having to assign a ranking number to each possible ranked response. I feel your pain and we have already decided to confront our survey company to provide a resolution, or change survey agencies when we solicit your input in the future.

The survey was a success, thanks to you, and we will carefully look for important themes to enhance our efforts or gain additional strength. We will report on our analysis in the near future.

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