Vice President’s Message

jvshuckSuccessful Auction Year

by Vincent Shuck

The Network just concluded its annual auction run of donated items of goods and services of interest to the legally armed citizen. Thanks to our corporate donations and to our winning bidders, we had a record-setting year. The number of items offered and the income from the auctions exceeded all previous years. As you probably know, 100% of the auction income goes directly to the Network’s Legal Defense Fund.

As a reminder, the purpose of the Legal Defense Fund is to provide legal defense support to Network members when these lawfully armed citizens face prosecution or civil lawsuit after exercising their right to self defense. The Fund is drawn from an allocation of 25% of all Network membership dues and 100% of all corporate sponsorship contributions. Fee deposits from the Fund are paid by the Network to the member’s attorney if the member has been involved in a self-defense incident. The deposit gets the legal defense immediately underway, with representation during questioning, and arranging for an independent investigation of the incident. Of course, Network members are eligible for additional grants of financial assistance from the Legal Defense Fund if they face unmeritorious prosecution or civil action after a self-defense incident.

This record auction year was due in large part to our corporate sponsors who go out of their way to support the Network. The companies that donated items this year, including many repeat donors, consisted of:

  • CorBon
  • Crimson Trace
  • Galco
  • Robar Companies, and
  • Safe Direction/Ravelin Group

On behalf of the entire Network membership, we extend our thanks to these corporations and to those corporations who have supported the Network in past auction years.

Not too surprisingly, many of our winning bidders this year were Network members. They obtained a desired item or service and helped support an important element of the Network’s structure. Everyone should look forward to next year’s auctions and join the bidding activity.

Moving on, you and your family probably just completed Thanksgiving and are entering the Christmas holiday season. This time of year offers a chance to reflect and to give thanks.

In reflecting on the Network’s soon-to-be-completed 6th year, I first focus on our members. Thank you for being involved, for your trust and for your support. We are nearing the 8,000 members achievement mark and look forward to another successful recruitment year in 2014.

Although there were four occasions this year, the need for our ability to come to our members’ aid after a self-defense incident has been limited. Something is working to keep this number low and I believe it is due in large part to the general capability and competence of our members. That, coupled with our excellent educational DVDs and eJournal content, has provided our members with important details about what it takes to avoid trouble. We will continue our educational efforts next year, but please continue your own life-long learning, both on the range and in the personal review of our educational materials.

As we transition from the season of thanks to the gift giving season, I hope you have safe travels, a chance to see others open gifts from under the tree, and an opportunity to celebrate whatever you wish to commemorate. As I have mentioned in previous year-end columns, if you are looking for holiday gift suggestions, allow me to remind you about these, as suggested by novelist Oren Arnold:

“To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To you, respect.”

To our members and other Network supporters, thank you for helping us achieve another great year.


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