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President’s Message

by Marty Hayes, J.D.

I must admit to you, our valued members, that I am, at this moment, weary. I am waiting at Portland International Airport to fly out to Denver, CO to testify at a murder/attempted murder trial. It is the second time I am making this trip, as last week, the court proceedings moved along so slowly that I spent a lovely day and a half in a motel room, before being told to go home and come back the next week. But, the cause is just, and who the heck would be able to explain to the jury how the investigating detectives botched the shooting scene investigation, other than I or a few select others with whom I work in this business? I am not complaining, as I voluntarily signed on for this case.

What really has me irked though, is the plethora of self-defense legal schemes that are popping up around the country, all claiming to be the latest and greatest source of salvation for the poor armed citizen who is being excoriated by the vicious prosecutors. There are now too many to keep track of and I learned about two more just this week. Network members keep asking us if we would work together with other legal defense programs, or ask us to compare Network membership benefits versus the latest and greatest. I am not sure how to answer that question, because I don't know with what the other programs are ultimately going to come to the plate.

I do know that we, the Network, will perform according to stated member benefits as shown at and in the Explanation of Member Benefits printed sheet that comes with your membership card when you join or renew.

We will come to your assistance right after an incident, provide up to $10,000 for immediate legal representation to the attorney of your choice (we have done that four times now), and if you are prosecuted, we will help fund your legal defense to the best of our abilities, after a cursory review of the incident to make sure your claim of self defense is reasonable and legitimate. If you also have insurance that reimburses your legal costs after an acquittal, we WILL make any additional grant of financial assistance conditioned upon being repaid from the insurance proceeds. We must legitimately make this condition, so an individual would not profit from killing someone. Finally, when a person signs up for Network membership, they receive seven hours of legal education on DVDs with an eighth coming soon, presented by recognized experts on the topics.

That is, folks, what we agree to do. How another plan might work with the Network’s benefits is up to them.

On this train of thought, I am also weary of these other legal plans misstating what the Network is and what we will do for our members. Many have put together spreadsheets designed to favor their program, comparing “ABC Legal” to the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. And, they invariably get some part of our member benefits wrong, either on purpose or simply because they refuse to do their due diligence. Of course, none mention the educational DVDs, which are an integral part of your legal defense.