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To the Editor:

Your comments this month on the Connecticut and other mass-shootings were very thoughtful, and I believe very well said. One of the “perception” issues we have is derailing the media’s attempts to characterize lawful firearms-use as it is commonly portrayed in most television and movie drama. Equally important, is to remind gun owners to always reinforce this responsibility with all non gun owners. A concealed-carry permit doesn’t make one a policeman, and so much as brandishing may result in serious legal exposure, and possibly a felony-conviction.

Robert G. Heinritz, Jr., J.D.

To the Editor:

Your January editorial Do You Use a Gunsafe? was excellent. At 70 years of age, I’m not real proficient with Facebook. I was wondering if there is a link I could post on Facebook that would let non-ACLDN members read your editorial with proper credit to ACLDN and you.

Bill Graves

PS: Please tell Marty that I’m a long time NRA Benefactor member and am going to sign up as a Life Member of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) after reading his January President’s Message.

A follow up note came later from Mr. Graves:
I pasted the following, with Gila Hayes’ permission, on Facebook. This is one time I’m sorry I don’t have more FB friends. She also advised me we could “post this far and wide to encourage gun owners every where to use gun safes.”

This editorial Do You Use a Gunsafe? was written by the Operations Manager of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network that I belong to. She also is the Editor of the ACLDN’s monthly Journal. It's a good reminder for all gun owners that will actually provide positive results instead of the political grandstanding and abuse coming out of Washington, DC.

Even though many of us no longer have children in our home, we all need to remember to put our guns in a safe when we’re not using them to avoid a loss to burglars and into criminal hands. http://www.armedcitizensnetwork.org/our-journal/280-january-2013?start=18

Editor’s Note: Thank you, Mr. Graves, for helping spread the word about responsible gun ownership. We encourage members to share links to Network journal articles, as it not only helps combat ignorance of vital issues, but also helps make more armed citizens aware of the Network. I appreciate your participation!

To the Editor:

Your editorial on gunsafes was spot on. Unfortunately, it may play out like CA, which requires a safe PRIOR to purchasing a firearm and that was the beginning of keeping track of who owns firearms and provides another method of restricting who may purchase them.

I lived in Spain for 5 years, as a Military Attaché, and had firearms (sporting arms). I was required to have a gun safe and have it inspected yearly by the Spanish National Police. I found the CA requirements just as oppressive.

I am now an Idaho resident having retired from the USMC July 2001 and moved back to Idaho. I lived in CA for 4 years at the end of my 21 year career and was "subject" to the CA requirements.

While I view it as a personal responsibility to keep my weapons secure when not on me or under my control (I use Center of Mass for my sidearms in vehicle and by the beside, a wall lock for my AR and a release activated containment for my defensive shotgun in the bedroom) I know many people who simply stuff them in the closet and walk away from them. I find that irresponsible, but what can we do, other than education, to make these folks see the light?

Gunsafes are just common sense…and we all know common sense is something that is fairly uncommon everywhere.

Semper fi,
Mitch Jaurena

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