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As we move into the New Year, lots of things will change. Make a resolution to be as active and involved in the community and your own personal network as you can. One of the biggest benefits of Network membership is the ever-growing number of contacts you can make with like-minded folks. If you see a member or affiliate anywhere in the journal, who is doing something that speaks to you or seems like a good idea, maybe even one that you could use or expand on in your own circle, take a moment and make contact with that person. Your individual network will be just that much more powerful and that helps all of us!

One of our well-connected affiliate instructors is Steve Eichelberger in Salem, OR. His classes are open to all, civilians and law enforcement alike. He dropped a line before this month’s journal came out, to say that he is presenting the facts and law for the controversial topic of arming teachers, then moderating the vigorous discussion that is sure to follow. For those of you living outside of Salem, the “Sane Conversation” can come to your town, school, or workplace. Send Steve an e-mail if you’d like to have it there. Steve’s email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conrad Zvara is in Milwaukee, WI (home of Harley-Davidson, of course) and he’s an Affiliated Instructor teaching six or eight CCW classes each month. He gives our educational materials to every student. In addition, he works a few days a month at a local shop that sells guns and gives Network materials to anyone who expresses an interest in guns or concealed carry. He is reaching a lot of people and so I just sent him another case. You can learn about Conrad’s classes, and get acquainted by touching base with him at 414-630-2258. Tell him you read about him here.

Welcome to Mitch Juarena, a new member who is also a member of a shooting range, Impact Guns, in Boise, ID. Mitch asked for us to send some Network materials so he could display them at the range, which is also a gun shop and, as you might imagine, currently swamped with customers.

That’s a good thing, Mitch! Thanks for exposing all those folks to the Network.

Speaking of the Network’s brochures, I am getting more requests for them lately. In case you haven’t seen one, they are a tri-fold with all the basic information about the Network and a membership application on the back. The brochures are compact, to the point, and weigh less than our educational booklet, if you are trying to manage shipping costs. Let me know if that sounds like a good fit for your needs. You can preview the new brochure at

Let me extend a warm Network welcome to some new affiliates, who just got in under the deadline for this column! Introducing his students to the Network is Richard Katzenbach, an instructor who covers the area around Sinking Spring, OH. Get more info on his classes and training at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And if you happen to roll out onto the Jericho Turnpike, on Long Island, NY, you might stop at Coastline Guns and Ammo, a gun dealer in Bloomberg country and a new Network affiliate. Thanks for holding the line, guys.

We also like to hear from our long-time friends. One such message requesting more of our 24-page booklets came recently from ProArms, Inc, in Live Oaks, FL. Steve Denney is the general manager there and you can look them up at If you visit their website, you will find a nice profile of Steve, as well as a link to their ProArms Podcast, with some pretty impressive participants. I should also take the opportunity to also give a plug to Alex Haddox, host of the podcast, Practical Defense. He has been doing some great things on line lately and his archive is still a fine source for training and defense-related info. Check out his page at or just go to his Facebook page

If you need any materials to give to clients or customers, call or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. especially if you have news to share, or know of a win we should celebrate.

There’s more to come next month. Stay safe out there!

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