DVD Review

Dryfire Practice and Methodology

By Claude Werner and Rob Pincus
Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series
Personal Defense Network
1903 Wayzata Blvd. East
Wayzata, MN 55391

Reviewed by Gila Hayes

Claude Werner, once the Chief Instructor for the famed Rogers Shooting School and now operating his own Firearms Safety Training, LLC, teams with Rob Pincus in an informative DVD entitled “Dryfire Practice and Methodology.” Dryfire is an important topic, and it is very pertinent given the current ammunition shortage and resultant price inflation. The practical use of dryfire for armed citizens’ skill maintenance is not without problems, however, and these concerns are resolved in this program.

Werner developed his dryfire program out of his own need for an effective dryfire procedure that would yield the skill maintenance and development he wished to accomplish. Being an analyst by vocation and by nature, he created the organized dryfire program that he shares on this DVD. His focus was on developing a dryfire program he could safely practice at home every day that actually increased skills, without “turning into just a bunch of gun clicking,” he explains during the introduction he makes with program host Rob Pincus.

Dryfire is not the “be all, end all solution,” Werner acknowledges, yet, he stresses, it is a “valuable adjunct” to live-fire training, and besides, with so many folks unable to get to a firing range regularly, a well-thought out dryfire program has much to offer.

Werner Dryfire

Pincus concurs, agreeing that his experience teaching in Europe underscored the problems faced by those who are prohibited from practicing draw and fire at the range, who cannot practice movement integrated with shooting, for whom rapid fire is restricted or who face other regulations that prevent realistic self-defense shooting practice.

Werner makes specific equipment recommendations for safe and effective dryfire, including use of a reduced-size target when you do not have a 15 or 25 yard room in which to set up for dryfire. The miniaturized target encourages accurate practice at shorter ranges like across a small study or bedroom. A shot timer to time the drills “to keep yourself up to your standards” is important, he adds.

If using a semi-automatic handgun, replace the barrel with a Blade Tech training barrel (see http://www.blade-tech.com/Training-Barrel-pr-1018.html#product_images) or a muzzle plug to prevent any ammunition from entering a chamber. Further safety comes by using a casting shaped like a magazine or rendering one of your own magazines inert. Werner recommends disassembling a magazine and grinding the follower so it won’t hold the slide open. Brace the follower at the top of the magazine with a dowel or tongue depressor, to create a magazine into which no ammunition can be inserted. He also explains the function of snap caps or dummy rounds.