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Organizing, Training & Running a House of Worship Armed Congregant Secuirty Team, Part 1, An Interview with Emanuel Kapelsohn:  By Gila Hayes (June 2023) 

Becoming an Expert Witness: By Marty Hayes (May 2023)

Self Defense in Low Light, An Interview with Erick Gelhaus: By Gila Hayes  (April 2023)

Defending Against Empty-Hand Attacks, part II of an interview with Robert A Margulies, MD: By Gila Hayes (March 2023)

Seriousness of Empty-Hand Attacks, an interview with Robert A Margulies, M.D.: by Gila Hayes (February 2023)

Back to Basics; Skill Development and Practice Interview with Karl Rehn: by Gila Hayes (January 2023)
2022 Legal Defense Fund Growth: by Gila Hayes (January 2023)

President's Message 

President's Message:  New Videos coming to (June 2023)

President's Message:  Report from the NRA Annual Meeting (May 2023)

President's Message:  Visit us at NRA Annual Meeting; How Did the Hearing Go?  (April 2023)

President's Message:  Membership Dues to Increase (March 2023)

President's Message:  Member Responses to question regarding added benefits (February 2023)

President's Message:  Network Finances, WA Insurance Commisioner Update (January 2023)

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: What is the most common mistake visitors from out of state make that leads to violation of one of your state's gun laws?  Does the "safe passage" provision in the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act preempt more restrictive state laws like magazine capacity limits if the gun owner is merely driving through the state with the gun locked and inaccessible?  (June 2023)

Attorney Question of the Month:  If a person uses force in self defense, are they likely to be sued for damages?  (May 2023)

Attorney Question of the Month: In your state, if a citizen uses a gun to stop an empty-handed attack, is the armed citizen routinely charged?  (April 2023)

Attorney Question of the Month: In your state, if a citizien uses a gun to stop an empty-hand attack, is the armed citizen routinely charged?  (March 2023)

Attorney Question of the Month:  What factors in the situation made defending the use of force difficult and what elements turned out to be your strongest arguments supporting a claim of self defense? (February 2023)

Attorney Question of the Month: Do you have personal experience with training becoming an issue in court for an armed citizen in a self-defense trial, and if so, what was the outcome? If a person has a strong training résumé, what steps would you suggest taking to keep their extensive training from creating a negative result in court? (January 2023)

Afilliate News

Recluse Holsters: By Gila Hayes (June 2023)

CCW Breakaways:  By Gila Hayes (June 2023)

Orville Wright, 1 Stop CCW:  By Gila Hayes (May 2023)

Jeff & Robyn Street, Scoot and Shoot:  By Gila Hayes (May 2023)

Dean Craig, Got CPL?:  By Gila Hayes (April 2023)

Reid henirichs, Valor Ridege: By Gila Hayes (April 2023)

Greg Block and Julie Schupak, Self Defense Firearms Training: By Gila Hayes (March 2023)

Attorney Robert Keating: by Gila Hayes (March 2023)

Scott Gabaldon, G4Firearms: by Gila Hayes (February 2023)

Jeff Hirschman, QC Hunting & Outdoor Sports: by: Gila Hayes (February 2023)

Jim Jacobe, Marion Training LLC: by Gila Hayes (January 2023) 

Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review:  Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training By Karl Rehn and John Daub: (June 2023)

Video Review:  Combat Mindset by Paul Howe:  (May 2023)

Book Review:  In Defense of the Second Amandment by Larry Correia: (April 2023)

Book Review:  Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson  (March 2023)

Book Review:  Unarmed and Dangerous by Jon Shane and Zoe Swenson. (February 2023)