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The Value of Training by Marty Hayes, J.D. Training the Reasonable Person. How Training Can Hurt in Court. Professionals Train, You Should Too. Practical Concerns. Competence Equates to Confidence. (Dec 2013)

Signs Subject to Misinterpretation. An Interview with Massad Ayoob. What are the risks of humorous signs and slogans? (Nov 2013)

The Expert Witness at Work by Tim Priebe, Esq. Why are experts important in self-defense related cases? (Oct 2013)

Training Priorities. An Interview with Tom Givens. We asked Network Advisory Board member and firearms trainer Tom Givens how to prioritize our training and as always occurs in a discussion with Givens, the conversation provided action-oriented advice that will help members wanting to improve their defense skills. (Sep 2013)

Gun Modifications, Light Triggers and Reloaded Ammunition by Marty Hayes, J.D. As gun lovers, as well as self-defense practitioners, we may find it difficult to separate the features of a gun that is fun to shoot from one that is difficult if not impossible to defend in court. (Sep 2013)

The Unmeritorious Prosecution of George Zimmerman. Analysis by Marty Hayes, J.D. This review of the case is drawn from the court proceedings and other evidence that may not have made it into court.  (Aug 2013)

Training for Decision Making. An Interview with John Farnam. A conversation with one of the earliest firearms instructors to coach students in decision-making under pressure, as part of his Defense Training International curriculum. (Jul 2013)

Defense Options: It Takes More Than a Gun. An Interview with Author Lawrence Kane. Kane has much more to share that builds on the topics covered in Scaling Force, which was his ninth book. (Jun 2013)

Lessons from Competitive Shooting for Everyday Life. An Interview with Michael Seeklander. Seeklander talks about ways to build skills through the fun of competition. The discussion expanded into combining live fire practice and training with dry fire and visualization for skill enhancement, topics that readers who will not compete will also find valuable. (May 2013)

Tom Gresham's No Shrug Policy. A Lie Unchallenged Becomes the Truth. Gresham talks about his "Truth Squad." "The whole idea of this is to move the needle of public opinion. You are not really trying to convince the media. You are using a comments section on a website or letters to the editor as a vehicle, as a megaphone, if you will, to reach everybody else." (Apr 2013)

Knife Tactics for Survival and Court Defensibility. An Interview with Michael Janich. Knife defense techniques need to be effective so the member survives the fight, and also readily explainable to a judge and jury as legitimate self-defense actions that any reasonable person might undertake under similar circumstances.(Mar 2013)

Why American Citizens Need Assault Weapons* by Network President Marty Hayes, J.D. In the wake of a self-defense shooting involving a modern semi-automatic rifle or pistol, you will undoubtedly have to answer the same question if you are charged with a crime along with that shooting. You should know how to answer the question, “Why did you need to use an assault weapon, Mr. Defendant?” So, let’s take a look at why American citizens need modern semi-automatic weapons. (Feb 2013)

Knife Defense Legal Issues Deserve Study. Like a firearm carried for self defense, a knife’s effectiveness and legal defensibility is in direct proportion to the knowledge and education of the citizen employing it. (Jan 2013)

President's Message 

President's Message: Discussing how t-shirts, bumper stickers, and social media could be used against you. A Couple of Teasers. Copiers Now Being Copied. (Dec 2013)

President's Message: What's In Your Wallet? Growing This Resource. Gun Rights Policy Conference. (Nov 2013)

President's Message: Another Mass Killing. About Starbucks and "Open Carry." Another Hung Jury. Network Affiliated Gun Shop or Affiliated Instructor? Legal Defense Fund Update. (Oct 2013)

President's Message:  Please leave a message. More Legal Defense Plans Come Online. Gun Rights Policy Conference. (Sep 2013)

President's Message: Announcement of 8th DVD, Legal Considerations of the Use of Non-Lethal Defensive Force. (Aug 2013)

President's Message: George Zimmerman trial. No Right to Remain Silent? The Best Defense TV Show. (Jul 2013)

President's Message: Upcoming Testimony. Other Programs. Ammo Supply. Network members. (Jun 2013) 

President's Message: Gun Owners Defeat Obama, Schumer and Feinstein. Ammo Still in Short Supply. More Insurance Discussion. Two Member Incidents in April. Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack. Non-Lethal Defensive Force Topic of DVD. Enjoy the NRA Meeting. (May 2013)

President's Message: Is Your Legal Defense a Cadillac or a Taurus? Zimmerman Foregoes "Stand Your Ground" Hearing. (Apr 2013)

President's Message: The Biden Protocol. RangeMaster Tactical Conference Underway. Ammo Shortage Continues. Boycotting the Government. (Mar 2013)

President's Message: Marty explains why he wrote about "Assault Weapons." Modern Sporting Rifles? The Shelves Are Bare. 2013 SHOT Show.  (Feb 2013)

President's Message: Marty's solutions to stop mass murders in the wake of Sandy Hook. (Jan 2013)

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: Would you allow a client who used deadly force in self defense to be administered a polygraph, voice stress analysis, hypnosis, eye examination, blood analysis and/or psychiatric evaluation. When and why? Would you allow the client to perform a test of shooting or weapon manipulation skills? Are the results of such evaluations presesnted to the grand jury or admissible at trial in your jurisdiction? Do prosecutors use them in making charging decisions? If you do this kind of testing on your own are the results discoverable by the state in a criminal case? In a civil liability trial? (Jan 2014 - Part 2) (Dec 2013 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: For the most part, jury selection is glossed over in law school (or not discussed at all), even though the jury is the trier of fact. With this in mind, this is a two-part question. First, as the attorney handling a self-defense shooting, what type of people would you want on a jury? Next, what steps can the armed citizen take ahead of time to ensure that they do not alienate a jury? (Nov 2013 - Part 3) (Oct 2013 - Part 2) (Sep 2013 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: Following the house-to-house searches law enforcement conducted after the Boston Marathon attack, a lot of Network members emailed to ask if they could deny police entry into a home or vehicle under emergency conditions. Absent a search warrant, do citizens have a right to deny law enforcement entry into their home? How do you recommend that the average citizen invoke their rights if they wish to prevent a warrantless search of their premises? (Aug 2013 - Part 3) (Jul 2013 - Part 2) (Jun 2013 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: How do you recommend a Network member connect with an attorney for a brief consultation to be sure the member understands their state's self-defense laws, as well as assuring themselves that the attorney is someone whom they want as their counselor after self defense? (May 2013 - Part 3) (Apr 2013 - Part 2) (Mar 2013 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: What should a Network member do to protect his or her legal position in the event of widespread civil unrest if compelled to use deadly force to defend against presently threatened deadly force, but owing to loss of phone servcie or jammed 911 call centers is unable to report the incident to police? (Feb 2013)

Attorney Question of the Month: When carrying a gun is impermissible, Network members often carry knives for self defense. Unfortunately, using a knife against another person will likely result in arrest and charges of assault or homicide, even in cases of self defense. If you had a client who used a knife in self defense, and you believed the act was legitimately self defense, what argument(s) would you make to the jury to acquit your client? Have you had this kind of case? What was your winning argument? (Jan 2013)

Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review: Oregon Concealed by Don W. Leach. This book teaches the law in much greater depth than you can receive in a class, and does so with stories and examples that make the lessons memorable. (Dec 2013)

DVD Review: Logic of Violence. Think Like A Criminal by Rory Miller. Learn to recognize factors that increase vulnerability in order to avoid violence. (Nov 2013)

Book Review: American Gun by Chris Kyle. Imagine that you could sit down and chat with an expert in firearms with a vast knowledge in U.S. military history and discuss the impact of a number of firearms and battles in U.S. history. This is the flavor of American Gun, A History of America in 10 Firearms by the late Chris Kyle, a soldier and an experienced tactician. (Oct 2013)

Book Review: The Law of Self Defense: The Indispensible Guide for the Armed Citizen, 2nd edition by Andrew F. Branca. In addition to complying with the law, anyone who uses force in self defense has to ask if the harm stopped by their use of force was worth it. (Sep 2013)

Book Review: To Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns by Timothy Baldwin, J.D. and Charles O. Baldwin, D.D. Few things disturb the self-defense practitioner more than directives from their church condemning use of force in self defense. Is the church leadership wrong? (Aug 2013)

Book Review: Courtrooms, Cartridges, and Campfires: Lawyering on the Last Frontier-Alaska by Wayne Anthony Ross, B.S., J.DThis affiliated attorney’s story was such a charming diversion that instead of dealing with the serious subjects we usually discuss in this column, I want to share some of his life story with our readers. (Jul 2013)

DVD Review: Missouri Concealed-Carry and Self-Defense Law with Kevin JamisonThough the focus of this DVD is on Missouri law, Jamison comments on travel, reciprocity, Federal laws like the gun free school zone restrictions and the law about carrying in National Parks, as well as other generalities that go considerably beyond laws of the Show Me state. (June 2013)

Book Review: Your Defensive Handgun Training Program by Mike Seeklander. Seeklander answers the question “How can I continue to train?” for students after they leave class. (May 2013)

Book Review: Biographical and historical vignettes show to a surprising extent that Justices are not necessarily their President’s puppets. These books are decidedly different, yet each puts a human face on some of the most quietly powerful decision-makers to guide our nation.

1) Out of Order. Stories from the History of the Supreme Court by Sandra Day O'Connor. 

2) Five Chiefs. A Supreme Court Memoir by John Paul Stevens.

(Apr 2013)

DVD Review:  Fighting Folders. The Definitive Guide to Personal Defense with Tactical Folding Knives. Written and co-produced by Michael D. Janich. Fighting Folders explores knife model options, how to get a folding knife open and into action quickly, plus Janich’s techniques to maximize what he calls this “potent weapon.” Concerns highlighted include knife carry for a predictable orientation and quick accessibility and positive, one-handed opening methods. (Mar 2013

DVD Review: Dryfire Practice and Methodology by Claude Werner and Rob Pincus. Dryfire is an important topic, and it is very pertinent given the current ammunition shortage and resultant price inflation. The practical use of dryfire for armed citizens’ skill maintenance is not without problems, however, and these concerns are resolved in this program. (Feb 2013)

Book Review: Contemporary Knife Targeting: Modern Science vs. W.E. Fairbairn's Timetable of Death by Christopher Grosz and Michael D. Janich. A lot of Network members carry folding knives as back up to legally carried firearms, or as their primary defense when denied the right to carry a gun. The Network does not restrict its services to self defense firearms use by a member, but at the same time recognizes that justifying knife use is a different challenge than defending defense with a gun. (Jan 2013)