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Armed Citizens' Interactions with Law Enforcement. Fear, abhorrence or resentful subservience toward the police are counterproductive to the citizen, ruining much chance for cooperation toward a reasonable outcome should circumstances bring them together. On the other hand, educating our members about interaction with police certainly can improve contacts they may have with law enforcement. (Dec 2011)

Self-Defense for Armed Couples: An Interview with Lynn & Tom Givens. Find out what couples need to learn in order to work together and stay safer. (Nov 2011)

Defenses Against Unarmed Aggressors: An Interview with Massad Ayoob. A discussion about the doctrine of "Disparity of Force." (Oct 2011)

The Right Attorney for the Job. An explanation and advice from Network Advisory Board Member James Fleming. (Oct 2011) 

Are You Training for the Right Self-Defense Skills? An Article by Ralph Mroz. Are some trainings too complicated or not well-thought-out? The author shares his experiences and thoughts. (Sep 2011)

Getting the Most Out of Training: An Interview with Rob Pincus. Pincus explains how students can best benefit from classes taught by different instructors (Aug 2011)

What Does Your Network Do For You? Understanding the structure, programs and policies of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc. (Jul 2011)

Massad Ayoob on Traveling While Armed. Information and advice on how to make air travel with firearms go smoothly. (Jul 2011)

Psychologist Explains Post-Incident Realities. What happens after a self-defense incident and clear steps on what to do. (Jun 2011)

Network Membership Benefit Broadened. Benefits now afforded to members who display a firearm but do not shoot. (May 2011)

Nebraska Gun Group: From Zero to 5,000 in 3 Years. An Interview with the Founder of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association. How one man started his own lobby group when he didn't like what he was seeing from other groups. (May 2011)

First Attorney Fees Paid for Network Member's Defense. Recently we received our first request for assistance to provide an attorney for a Network member after a reported self-defense incident. The details must remain confidential, but we felt it important to assure our membership that the system is working and fully functional. (Apr 2011) 

Attorney Article: Language, Layers & Liability. The "Three L's" in preparing for a self-defense engagement. (Apr 2011)

Considerations When Teaching Children to Shoot. A discussion on determining the ages to start teaching children and the variety of curriculum resources available. (Apr 2011)

Gun Modifications from a Legal Standpoint. What modifcations could affect you legally in the aftermath of a self-defense situation? (Mar 2011)

Emergency Preparation for Gun Owners with Michael Bane. Meaningful preparation to assure food, water, fuel and other needs during a disruption is an easy extension of the armed citizen’s mindset because we have studied and prepared ourselves for predictable dangers. (Feb 2011)

Author Interview: Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat. Jackson talks about how her book The Cornered Cat: A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry came about. (Jan 2011)

Training the Weak Hand. Vice-President Vincent Shuck's experience with surgery and being one-handed for a short time. (Jan 2011

President's Message 

President's Message: The value of the Network. (Dec 2011)

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: Can you explain your state laws on displaying a weapon to stop an attacker? When does the law allow pointing a gun at an assailant during self defense? (Apr 2012 - Part 5) (Mar 2012 - Part 4) (Feb 2012 - Part 3) (Jan 2012 - Part 2) (Dec 2011 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: How would you respond to requests for interviews with the shooter or with you as their attorney? What do you do if newspaper or TV reports are inaccurate or slant their coverage against your client? How do you manage questions from reporters during a trial? Have you any particular concerns about commentary posted on the Internet by bloggers? (Nov 2011 - Part 2) (Oct 2011 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: In the state/states in which you practice law, what latitude is granted the armed citizen defending against attack inside his/her own home? Can the citizen use defensive deadly force inside their home without retreating? Against an intruder who is not actively attacking (perhaps has broken in but is not compliant when the homeowner orders them to leave)? How about shooting without issuing a warning (maybe the intruder is about to enter a child’s room)? Can the citizen successfully make the claim that an attached garage was part of their domicile if they use deadly force against an intruder there? What about out buildings or unattached garages or on properties like the lawn or back yard? Where is the line drawn? (Sep 2011 - Part 3) (Aug 2011 - Part 2) (Jul 2011 - Part 1) 

Attorney Question of the Month: Many of us carry smart phones that are capable of voice recording as well as video recording. If a person involved in a self-defense shooting were to have the wherewithal to record the conversations with responding officers as well as video the physical evidence, would that be of benefit? Are there legal concerns such as gaining permission of those being recorded? (Jun 2011 - Part 4) (May 2011 - Part 3) (Apr 2011 - Part 2) (Mar 2011 - Part 1) 

Attorney Question of the Month: Could you explain what “having an attorney on retainer” means, and answer a question callers frequently ask the Network, “Is having an attorney ‘on retainer’ useful for an armed citizen?” (Feb 2011 - Part 3) (Jan 2011 - Part 2) (Dec 2010 - Part 1)


Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review: Gun Digest Book of the Revolver by Grant Cunningham.Cunningham starts by explaining his bias toward the revolver, identifying strong and weak points, and much more. (Dec 2011)

Book Review: Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected by Rory Miller. The author defines seven concerns he believes on acting in self defense. (Oct 2011)

Book Review: The Myth of the 'Out of Character' Crime by Stanton E. Samenow, PhD. Is someone really acting out of character when they commit criminal acts? (Sep 2011)

DVD Review: Make Ready with Bill Rogers: Reactive Pistol Shooting. Bill Rogers of the Roger's Shooting School demonstrates his speed shooting methods. (Aug 2011)

Book Review: Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States with "Plain-Talk" Summaries by Attorney Mitch Vilos and Evan Vilos. Learn the laws in not only your own state, but others you may travel to as well. Suggestions and advice are also offered. (Mar 2011