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Affiliated Attorney Tells Story of Gun Owner Case (Part 2) The continuing story Stuart Urie and how a law was almost used successfully to wrongfully punish him. (Dec 2010)

Affiliated Attorney Tells Story of Gun Owner Case (Part 1) The Stuart Urie Case: When Neighbors Lie. The story of how an armed citizen was being pushed by his attorney to plead guilty to charges until attorney Penny Dean took over his case. (Nov 2010)

Rangemaster's East Coast Tactical Conference Report. Vice President Vincent Shuck shares his experience. (Nov 2010)

Interview with Concealed Handgun Manual Author Chris Bird. Former Brit is a Strong Voice for American Freedoms. (Oct 2010)

Attorney Article: Make a Plan to Deal with Workplace ViolenceFor the most part we are untrained, ill prepared, ill equipped, and often even discouraged from discussing workplace violence since it is unpleasant. But if something terrible were to happen, what would you do? (Oct 2010)

Special 22-Page Report on Arizona Firearms Instructor's Prosecution Following Defense Against Multiple Assailants. Anti-self defense attitudes, cloaked in good intentions, can intrude when a self-defense shooting entails factors that are not always clear cut, such as when one man shoots several unarmed assailants and must argue disparity of force as justification for his actions. This is at the heart of an ordeal that ran from late November 2008 through May 2010, in Tucson, Arizona. (Sep 2010)

Massad Ayoob on Interacting with Law Enforcement. Either a blindly positive attitude toward police or acute suspicion or even hostility toward law enforcement can really cause problems when citizens have to interact with police. Never are the stakes higher than after a shooting – even a completely justifiable shooting in defense of self or family. (Aug 2010)

McDonald Supreme Court Victory. The much-awaited Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago came through 5 to 4 in our favor. (Jul 2010)

Rob Pincus on Natural Shooting Methods. Pincus' penchant for examining everything we do in training encourages valuable exploration of what we hold to be true.(Jul 2010)

Network Affiliated Instructors on Keeping Skills Sharp. As an instructor, what do you do to keep your skills and your knowledge sharp and current and how does your own study, training, practice and professional development efforts reflect in the classes that you teach?(Jul 2010)

Defending Self Defense: Psychology's Role. The April and May 2010 editions of the eJournal featured articles and interviews focused on the physiological and psychological variables present when armed citizens use deadly force in self defense. In wrapping up this three-part series, we spoke at length with H. Anthony Semone, PhD, a forensic and police psychologist who has been practicing since 1968. (Jun 2010)

Your Brain: During and After an Attack. In the April edition of this journal, we explored the role of reality-based training in preparation to survive a deadly force attack. This month, we consider prevention and treatment of psychological trauma occurring during and after a critical incident. (May 2010)

John Farnam: Defense Training is More Than Bullseyes. Discussion on preparation for physical survival.(Apr 2010)

The Science Behind Stress Training and Simulations. Psychologist, student and instructor of defensive firearms, James Strickland, Ph.D. offers a number of valuable insights into how training and experience mitigate panic. (Apr 2010)

New Member Benefit: Boots on the Ground. How the Network provides immediate assistance to a member after a self-defense incident. (Mar 2010)

Massad Ayoob's Perspective on the Criminal Justice System. Ayoob discusses how he sees the criminal justice system treating armed citizens who use their guns in self defense. (Mar 2010)

To Intervene or Not. Vice President Vincent Shuck asks the question in a specific true-life example. (Mar 2010)

 No Downside to Competitive Shooting by Guy Neill. Shooting in practical pistol competitions is a great way of maintaining and developing skills. It presents diverse challenges and the addition of a timer puts pressure on you to perform under stress. (Feb 2010)

Network Member Relates Critical Incident. After viewing the Network DVD Recognizing and Responding to Pre-Attack Indicators, member W.F. Ryan told us that it reminded him of something that happened one dark evening. (Feb 2010)

A Defense Attorney Ponders Violent Crime. What are you prepared to do when faced with violent crime? (Jan 2010)

Attorney Writes About Defending Against False Accusations (Part 2). The story so compels attention and is so full of practical lessons for gun owners that this month we continue where December’s story left off. (Jan 2010)

President's Message 

President's Message: Value for Value. (Dec 2010)

President's Message: Introducing the booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law. (Aug 2010)

President's Message: Network President Comments on Legal Work. (May 2010)

President's Message: Joining the Better Business Bureau. Pulse of the Industry: Network President Comments on Industry Trade Show. (Feb 2010)

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: Could you explain what “having an attorney on retainer” means, and answer a question callers frequently ask the Network, “Is having an attorney ‘on retainer’ useful for an armed citizen?” (Feb 2011 - Part 3) (Jan 2011 - Part 2) (Dec 2010 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the MonthWhen you put on a legal defense for someone charged with a serious felony, what do you estimate is the average amount it costs your client? What are the factors influencing how much work (and hence expense) is needed to defend the client? (Nov 2010)

Attorney Question of the Month: In your experience, after a shooting, how long does the prosecutor or district attorney have before deciding whether to charge a suspect with a crime? In other words, after a shooting how long is the citizen left in limbo before knowing if they will be charged with a crime? (Oct 2010 - Part 2) (Aug 2010 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: Sometimes our avocations reveal more about us than our vocations. With that in mind, affiliated attorneys, please take a paragraph or two to tell us about your pro-gun or pro-self-defense activities. Don’t forget to mention things like classes you teach, Internet blogs or newspaper or magazine columns you write, public speaking, leadership or organizational positions held, or occasional activities you might forget, like helping to teach gun safety to Scouts, or serving as a safety officer at the local range. (Jul 2010)

Attorney Question of the Month: How can our members go about finding and developing a relationship with a good lawyer in areas where the Network does not yet have an affiliated attorney? (Jun 2010 -Part 2) (May 2010 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: What do you think are the top three preparations self defense gun owners reasonably can make in hopes of limiting trouble with the criminal justice system should they ever be forced to use a gun to defend against a violent criminal? (Apr 2010)

Attorney Question of the Month: What do you do when a judge you’re in front of absolutely positively doesn’t know the law of self defense in your state? (Mar 2010)

Attorney Question of the Month: In your experience how prevalent is prosecutorial misconduct? What does the defense attorney do to protect his or her client if confronted with a district attorney or prosecutor who obtains and uses false testimony or fabricates evidence, for example? (Feb 2010)

Attorney Question of the Month: When an innocent client’s case ends up in court, what part of the process holds the greatest surprises or discomfort for the individual you represent? What can you do to prepare them to face opposing counsel, the judge, and the jury? (Jan 2010 - Part 2) (Dec 2009 - Part 1)

Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review: After You Shoot by Alan Korwin. Some interesting, possibly controversial, thoughts on what to do after a self-defense incident. (Dec 2010)