Interrupting Violence

An Interview with Marc MacYoungMacYoung

by Gila Hayes

Network members are, for the most part, enthusiastic students of self defense, but no one wants to have to apply their hard-earned skills against a real-life attacker. Thus preemptive action is on many members’ minds. Sadly, solid strategies to defuse a simmering fight with an angry neighbor or deter an aggressive victim interview are not taught as earnestly as shooting skills.

This article began when an affiliated instructor asked about articles on decisively deterring human predators without looking like a willing participant in a fight. In his latest book, In the Name of Self-Defense, Marc MacYoung wrote about getting off the road to violence in the pre-attack stage, emphasizing disengaging emotionally as well as physically. We review that important book at

MacYoung has long studied conflict, threat assessment, disengagement and why we so often fail to stop a budding conflict, so let’s switch to Q & A to learn from him in his own words.

eJournal: How can the armed citizen decisively deter violence without engaging in mutual combat or appearing to do so?

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President’s Message

Marty eJournal column pixNetwork Adds Bail Assistance to Membership Benefits

by Marty Hayes, J.D.

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

The above sentence is the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution and part of our Bill of Rights. As our members know, we here at the Network home office have been studying whether or not the Network should offer our members a “bail assistance benefit” as part of our overall member benefits package. So, after a considerable amount of research, this message will serve as notice to our members of the addition of a member benefit of bail assistance upon a showing of lawful self defense.

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Attorney Question of the Month

gavelOne of the most hotly debated issues in the armed citizen’s world is how to interact with the police after a shooting. Some people say you should immediately invoke your right to counsel and say nothing until you have your attorney at your side. Others say that if you do not explain to the police what occurred, you will be immediately suspected of murder and arrested. Preceding the police arriving and wanting to question you, however, comes the 9-1-1 call. For the next several months, we will explore these issues through our Network Affiliated Attorney Question of the Month. We will start with the 9-1-1 call.

We asked our Network Affiliated Attorneys:

Assuming the immediate violence is over, the armed citizen and his or her family is safe, should the armed citizen call 9-1-1, and if they do, what should they tell the police dispatcher?

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Book Review

BigBBook009The Big Bloody Book of Violence: The Smart Persons’ Guide for Surviving Dangerous Times
By Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane
Stickman Publications, Inc., Aug.15, 2015
337 pages, 7.5 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches, paperback, illustrated
MSRP: $19.95 at

Reviewed by Gila Hayes

As soon as I got past the title of The Big Bloody Book of Violence, I was hooked on the knowledge compressed into Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane’s latest book.

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NetworkingNews from Our Affiliates

Compiled by Gila Hayes

Here we are well into the fall season, a time of year that calls to some armed citizens for whom the first introduction to firearms and gun safety was hunting. Our NY State affiliate Joe Valone, proprietor of Pheasants on the Flats in Batavia, NY, did some major firing range improvements over the summer and posted pictures on his Facebook page showing his clientele enjoying the new ranges. It looks really nice! It looks like he has some great hunting opportunities, too. Check out his new Facebook Page, POTF SHOOTING RANGE

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Editor's Notebook


by Gila Hayes

As September fades into its final few days, workloads at the Network seem extra heavy. One reason September was particularly busy was all the activities that took key staff members out of the office.

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