Attorney Affiliation Campaign

by Josh Amos, Network Affiliates Manager

 This year has been full of challenges! When Covid-19 began its disruptive influence on all of us, we decided it was a good time to undertake our annual affiliated attorney check in campaign because I wasn’t able to come to the office to do my normal work. The first step we took was to reach out to each of the Network’s existing affiliated attorneys. We appreciate each attorney who expressed his or her desire to remain affiliated with the Network and took the time to respond to our phone calls, emails and letters. Their participation gives us continued confidence in our attorney affiliation program and provides a great base for us to build on as we expand this resource.

The Next Steps

Now that we have confirmed our existing Network affiliated attorneys’ contact details, we are redoubling our efforts to expand that base by affiliating with more attorneys who share our commitment to defending the right to self defense. To that end we are involved in the following:

    1. We are cold calling law firms in our underserved areas;
    2. we are asking our Network affiliated attorneys and affiliated instructors for referrals to attorneys we have not yet met from our current affiliates;
    3. and most importantly, we are asking for and following up on attorney recommendations we receive from our members. 

Please help us with this part of the campaign! If you know of an attorney who is supportive of gun ownership and is interested in representing his or her fellow armed citizens after legitimate use of force in self defense, please introduce us. Perhaps you have met attorneys through your personal contacts, through your work, from the gun club or at gun rights events. We will greatly appreciate a call or email from you sharing their name and contact details so we can reach out to them. Please call me at 360-978-5200 or drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It will mean a lot to me!

If you’re close to the attorney you’re recommending, please let him or her know that you are a Network member and why you value your participation in the Network. Your positive message about the Network paves the way for us to contact the attorney and invite him or her to also participate. You would not believe the difference between a solid referral from you, a respected member of the community, compared to a cold call from me when I’m striving to get our invitation to affiliate in front of a busy lawyer. We provide complimentary membership to affiliated attorneys–their assistance is that important–we also encourage our members to consider turning to Network affiliated attorneys when they have more mundane legal issues, be that a traffic citation they need to fight, a property line dispute, wills and trusts, or other more routine legal needs.

Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is to have an affiliated attorney representing every county in the country. In this, we have set for ourselves a high bar, indeed! We are confident we can accomplish our goal through the power of networking with all of our members, affiliated instructors, affiliated attorneys and friends of the Network spread across the nation. We humbly ask your help in this important effort.

Final Note

At the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, we never tell you which attorney you must use (we think that’s a lot like telling someone which dentist to use). After a self-defense situation we will fund the attorney you designate, even if they are not affiliated with the Network. We run into some attorneys and law firms that choose not to affiliate for political or personal reasons but are still good choices for members needing representation. No matter who you choose to be your attorney, I’d strongly recommend that you reach out to them and ask the following questions:

    1. Are you available to come if I call?
    2. How do I reach you after normal business hours or on the weekends?
    3. What do you as my first call attorney, need to know from me?

We appreciate your assistance and your support as we continue to progress and improve this resource for our members.

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