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by Marty Hayes, J.D.

I received the following in my e-mail the other day:

“Mr. Hayes, I'm new to gun ownership and getting educated about self defense, but you have provided a substantial part of just what I need: good info, a support network, a way to support others, and a feeling of community. Thank you!”

It was sent in by a new member and it gives me warm and fuzzies to know that the idea that Vincent, Gila and I had back in 2007 has become such a success. By success, I do not mean financial, but instead successful in educating people about the legalities of self defense and, of course, providing peace of mind knowing that if one of our 17,500 members chooses to act in self-defense, they have an organization that will assist them with the legal aftermath. That was our goal then, and it is our reality now. Thanks, Matt, for reminding me.

Political Strife in America

With each election cycle, it seems that the divide in America between the two political factions becomes more strident, and in many cases, more violent. I have some thoughts on this. First, it is my opinion that politics is simply about power: it is who has it and who wants it. Politics really isn’t about political ideologies at all, but instead, those seeking power make their message conform to that which they believe will give them the greatest chance to win election. That, of course, gives them power.

I believe it is this lust for power that has made America what it is. If our founding fathers had not desired to have the fate of their own lives controlled by their own beliefs, then they would not have used the power of revolution, complete with guns and killing, to pursue their agenda. I for one, am glad they did.

I think it is a natural instinct for man to seek power. It is how we have climbed our way to the top of the food chain, here on earth. Being on top of that food chain means survival for the species. I don’t have the answers to our problems here in America and throughout the world, but just an opinion or two.

Still No Word from the Insurance Commissioner

The Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner has still not decided if they are going to try to put the Network out of business here in WA State, despite the fact that we believe we are not insurance. It has now been six months that we have been working on the issue, and in that six months we have learned a lot, including lessons about how they shut down the NRA’s Carry Guard here in WA state.

I have learned more about the forces behind the insurance commissioner’s activities from an investigation that has concluded and is in the public domain (so I am not dishing dirt on a competitor). It is discussed on the Insurance Commissioner’s website. Follow the links in the article and you will get an education.

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