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by Gila Hayes

It is starting to heat up down in Florida already and with the change in seasons, Jeff and Robyn Street are wrapping up the winter offerings of their popular Scoot and Shoot range sessions. The Streets’ Step by Step Gun Training has been affiliated with the Network for ten years, and in that time their level of outreach has never failed to impress. I think their adaptability and the way they tailor their instruction to the needs of their students plays a big role in their success. The Scoot and Shoot program illustrates what they do so well that I recently called Jeff for an end of season report.

Scoot and Shoot is enjoyable for shooters of all skill levels. When starting a session, Robyn is alert to first-time shooters and can take them aside for introductory instruction in gun safety using blue guns and disassembled firearms. Beginners can borrow loaner guns, UpLULA magazine loaders, and even holsters and magazine pouches to get started right.

image1Jeff explained that some of the participants come from the indoor range where they haven’t been able to work from a holster, so when needed, he can take those folks aside and teach safe drawing and holstering procedures. He described dryfire that entails the draw stroke, presentation to target and prepping the trigger but not pulling the trigger completely. “Do you know what you’ve just learned?” he asks. “Since not all assailants will comply with verbal commands; you may need to draw and start to pull the trigger. If that gains compliance, you won’t need to shoot and that is the best outcome,” he stresses.

image5Scoot and Shoot sessions attract an average of 30 participants each time it’s offered and are held on the Naples, FL LouLand Gun Club outdoor range. Robyn is an NRA Training Counselor and has trained and certified the RSO and CRO cadre, who help keep activities safe during these fun range events. It is hard to imagine a better community outreach and if event participants haven’t already taken classes or private coaching from the Streets, they’re likely to become students and refer their friends to Step by Step Gun Training, too. Jeff comments that their student body is diverse, ranging from little old ladies, active retiree married couples, and people from all walks of life in the custom classes that he does for small groups. He even offers safe dryfire instruction in the privacy of clients’ homes.

These two inspirational instructors are meeting Floridians’ needs and going where they’re needed. Call them for more information at 239-641-6140 or get to know them through their website at https://stepbystepguntraining.com/ .

At the opposite corner of our nation, Orville Wright’s 1 Stop CCW is filling the need of hundreds of armed citizens for carry license instruction. While much of his schedule is dedicated to serving California CCW applicant and renewal training needs, he also teaches private class sessions, the Utah, Arizona and Florida non-resident carry license programs, and has a special program dedicated to Realtors®, a profession this writer has long thought at very high risk of attack from predators who recognize how vulnerable real estate agents are when they show properties. Kudos to Orville Wright for training them.

Scarcely a week goes by without our Network crew conversing by phone and email with new Network members who tell us that Orville Wright recommended Network membership, then add that they took a very enjoyable class from him. He’s a natural salesman, full of enthusiasm for the shooting sports and firearms ownership who brings over 30 years of experience as a professional trainer to his classes and private lessons. Learn more at https://ccwpermitinstruction.com/instructor/ or call 949-769-9099.

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