Ancillary equipment

by Gila Hayes

I like tools. My family laughs at me because while I have friends who can transform quality ingredients into great meals with just a good chefs knife and a gas stove, I like food processors, electric mixers and all the gadgets to help clean up afterwards.

Like I said, I like tools, so it is natural that in addition to guns and ammo, I am not really at ease until I have a couple of knives clipped to pockets, some supplies to patch up punctures, along with some non-lethal options like a TuffWriter pen and/or a Kubaton and a flashlight for starters. What are pockets for if not to fill?

Still, a lady’s pockets should not bulge too much, especially pants pockets. For me, the cylindrical profile of even compact flashlights with a reasonable lumens output means that they’re often relegated to jacket pockets along with phones and other belongings that end up hanging with the jacket on a hook or chair back.

I’m not a big fan of having both hands full while walking around out in public. That means if it’s dark, now we have to decide whether getting the car unlocked is as important as having a light in hand. What is needed most? The key fob wins. These questions result in juggling jacket pocket contents to get the flashlight into an easy to reach position.

sidekicksidekickUntil today. Today, the mail carrier delivered a Surefire Sidekick keychain light sent to us by an old acquaintance. The light’s profile mimics a car key fob and is more pocket friendly than even a small, round flashlight, although my new favorite tool won’t need to go into a pocket, because I quickly installed it on my Kubaton key ring. This light has been out for a while and being the tool fool that I am, I don’t know how I missed its release. Must not have been “tactical” enough.

Well, there is a lesson! The tool in your hand is likely more valuable than the one you have to scramble to get into play. Even more important, I think we need to look at what we carry in our hands, pockets and pouches because there is a whole lot more to defense readiness than a gun and ammo.

Let this serve as a public thank you and a toast to old acquaintances—and generous ones, to boot!

Well, folks, today, May 1, the first wave of our crew leaves for Dallas to set up our booth at the NRA Annual Meeting. Jennie and I follow the next day, leaving behind Josh, Belle and William in the office to assist members in our absence. If you, too, are traveling, here’s wishing you a safe trip and a reminder to visit us in booth #7855 of the NRA Annual Meeting exhibit hall.

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