Compiled by Gila Hayes

The Network sees a lot of new members from southern California, and with Orange County granting carry permits to qualified private citizens, long-time police firearms instructor Greg Block was perfectly positioned to make sure the new permit applicants got good training. He teaches a weekly CCW class, in addition to offering a very full selection of beginning, intermediate and advanced pistol, carbine and shotgun classes plus classes in situational tactics, low light shooting, stress-inoculation and scenarios. Students who come to him for the CCW class are just getting started; he can help them fill out other vital defense skill areas, too.

Block’s Self-Defense Firearms Training is located in Huntington Beach, and he also offers law enforcement programs through his mobile Prism trailer. Learn more at He also maintains a busy Facebook page at

Our Corporate Sponsors, Steve and Kate Camp of Ravelin Group (the makers of the excellent Safe Direction ballistic containment products) maintain an interesting blog. A few weeks ago, as many of our members, Advisory Board members as well as our Network President and Vice President were participating in Tom and Lynn Givens’ Rangemaster Tactical Conference, Steve blogged about friends old and new that he met at the conference. See to read his conference report. Thank you, Steve, for your kinds words about the Network!

We usually get Affiliated Instructor Alecs Dean’s “Upcoming” emails right after this journal releases this month’s events, so it makes no sense to announce classes that will already be taught by the time this journal hits the Internet! His most recent email program announcement, however, notes that in March, Alecs will be teaching Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor, Shotgun & Rifle Instructor, and Muzzleloading For Student & Instructor. He adds that, “This spring we will have another Women On Target Event.” Alecs operates International Firearm Safety, Inc. in Ft. Myers, FL, so if you have been looking for the opportunity to take one of those NRA Instructor courses, or have friends who would enjoy an NRA Women on Target program, be sure to get in touch with him. His phone number is 239-357-3437 and you can learn more at his website at

While you might think that attorneys are great self-promoters, the fact is that when one of our affiliated attorneys gets a public accolade, these modest men and women rarely remember to let us know. That was the case when, late last month as I was browsing one of my favorite blog sites, David Hardy’s Of Arms and the Law (you should put in your favorites file, too) I noticed a name prominent among our California members–Chuck Michel. The California Lawyer’s online journal published a nice commentary on his work on Peruta v. San Diego (742 F.3d 1144 (9th Cir. 2014) that morphs into a biographical sketch of this heavy-hitter in CA gun law. The online article at's_Triggerman is full of interesting quotes from Michel, and the reader comes away appreciating the service he has given armed citizens. We are proud to say that Michel & Associates are Network Affiliated Attorneys, and while we hope none of our CA members need the law firm’s services, they will be in good hands should the need arise.

Our corporate sponsor, Tod Cole at Recluse Holsters in Gig Harbor, WA asked for more copies of our booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law not long ago. He puts a copy in the package with each holster he ships. Recluse Holsters was founded on Tod’s super-stealthy one-sided pocket holsters although he now has other pocket holster designs, too. Recluse Holsters has been a good friend to the Network. Members, if you’re shopping for a pocket holster for a small framed handgun, don’t forget to look at

Affiliates, please remember to let me know when you need more copies of the Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation’s booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law and our tri-fold brochures by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 360-978-5200. At the same time, don’t forget to send me an email if you have any special events like open houses, special classes or other interesting tidbits that we can announce for you in this column.

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