gila 300

Very Briefly

by Gila Hayes

Treasure the brevity of this month's editorial; those who know me know that I cannot write “short” to save my life. Need proof? Consider this edition’s lead article. The longer I explored the topic, the lengthier my list of questions became. I was learning just how much I did not know! 

When Penny and I reviewed the first draft, so help us, we found more questions to explore.

While I have been known to let interviews run as two-part installments, I was worried that the continuity of this complex subject would suffer, so with that, I am trading my commentary for Penny’s wise words this month.

I close by wishing you a pleasant Independence Day celebration. I am in the middle of reading an interesting biography about the father of our country which I intend to focus on July 4th. We for whom they sacrificed need to keep in mind the nearly unimaginable risks the Founders took, as well as hardships they endured in order to free themselves their fellow Americans and all the following generations from the British monarchy.

May we prove worthy of their sacrifices.


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