November 23, 2020

For Immediate Release


On November 20, 2020, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner for the State of Washington released the following on their website:

The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc. (ACLDN) is a for-profit business incorporated in Washington State, with its principal office in Onalaska, WA.  In business since 2008, ACLDN takes exception to the above press release, as it contains several glaring factual errors.

Primarily, an independent Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) did NOT hear the appeal, and the appeal was NOT ruled upon by an ALJ.  Instead, the hearing and motions were heard and ruled upon by a “Presiding Officer” (PO) who is an employee of Insurance Commissioner Michael Kreidler.  When ACLDN was first served with the Cease and Desist Order, it requested the hearing be heard by an independent ALJ, but the PO, Julia Eisentrout, denied the request.  ACLDN requested the ALJ because it was concerned about the appearance of fairness, that being to have an employee of the insurance commissioner rule upon an action of the insurance commissioner.  Bottom line, there was no judge involved in this ruling.

Additionally, in Kreidler’s remarks (above) he states:

“Armed Citizens and other similar organizations try to cloud the issue by saying it’s about guns or about denying people their Second Amendment rights, which is untrue. At the end of the day, Armed Citizens and others like it are attempting to illegally operate as an insurer in Washington state and it’s my job to make sure that doesn’t happen.” 

This statement by Kreidler is also patently false when he says it’s about guns and Second Amendment Rights.  

“We formed ACLDN specifically NOT as a gun rights organization, and nowhere in any of our web presence or marketing literature do we state otherwise.  Instead, after seeing the political prosecutions of armed citizens who have used force in lawful self-defense, we felt there was a need for an organization where law abiding armed citizens can gather to make sure they have the financial resources to fight unmeritorious prosecutions.

Furthermore, we are looking forward to getting the issue in front of a real judge and will be filing an appeal in Lewis County Superior Court on Monday, November 23rd, says Marty Hayes, ACLDN President.

Lastly, throughout their news release, the OIC uses words such as “claims” and makes the allegation that ACLDN is selling Insurance.  While other companies do have insurance components to their offerings, ACLDN does not, and will be proving that in court.” 

ACLDN will both be appealing the ruling and fine and is confident that when a real judge considers all the arguments, ACLDN will be exonerated.

If members of the media would like to discuss this further, please contact ACLDN President, Marty Hayes at 360-978-5200.