J. Vincent ShuckGrowing the Legal Defense Fund

by J. Vincent Shuck

The Network’s Legal Defense Fund has grown this past year, thanks to our members’ dues allocation, separate member and nonmember donations directed to the Fund and finally, corporate support. For clarification to our many new members and perhaps as a good reminder to our long-term membership, the Legal Defense Fund was created by the Network to accrue funds to provide financial assistance to a member for legal fees and bail support after a self-defense incident.

Since the Network’s inception, we have faithfully put aside a percentage of all dues, all direct donations and all corporate support of services and products that generate income via our auction activities. This combined achievement has prepared us well and, when needed, members have benefited from the Fund.

logoAs we begin this new year, the Fund totals just over $2.6 million dollars. Last year brought a lot of challenges, but the Network continued its growth. Thank you to all the renewing as well as the new members. We were able to allocate about $400,000 of the 2020 dues income to the Legal Defense Fund. In addition, direct donations logo 1amounted to $30,000. A special thanks to individuals who accepted an opportunity to add an extra amount to their renewal dues payments and to families who decided to include the Fund in their annual giving program. Finally, corporate support continued in spite of the pandemic’s influence on the business world. The following companies donated a number of items in 2020 for our auctions:

•  Galco Gunleather

•  Ravelin Group Safety Equipment

bha logo gold v2•  Black Hills Ammunition

The auctions of donated services and items are posted on GunBroker.com. We do not post items every month, but to join in the fun, watch for our posting announcements in the monthly eJournal notice emails. If you are not already a registered bidder on GunBroker, go to https://www.gunbroker.com/newregistration/signupdetails. This gives you access to not only the Network’s listed item, but any of the items included in the extensive shooting and hunting fields.

I express our sincere appreciation for your individual and corporate support this past year and look forward with you to a bright, productive and successful 2021. Thank you for being such an exceptional member and benefactor of the Network.


Editor’s note: Return next month when we share additional news about businesses that distribute the Network’s membership sales brochure, and donate to our Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation, as well as providing complimentary copies of our Foundation’s booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law with their clientele. We’re all in this together, and we surely do appreciate the contributions made by each of our generous friends.

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