Compiled by Josh Amos

Greetings and happy 2017, everyone! We hope that you had great holidays and that the winter is mild wherever you are. We had a great year here at the Network and we couldn’t have done a large part of it without the help of our affiliates. As a year, 2016 had some real ups and downs. Perhaps most importantly, strident anti-gun presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was denied her bid for the White House. While that is generally good for the armed citizens across the USA, we cannot afford to think that the anti-gunners won’t be back. Regardless of who is president or what the anti-gunners do, as armed citizens, we still have plenty to do on our own: beginners to teach, self-defense laws to learn, and high standards to which we hold ourselves.

Here is where the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network affiliates play a key role. Many of you are going above and beyond in teaching new people the dos and don’ts of responsible gun ownership, helping folks reach higher standards of conduct on and off the range, and helping fellow armed citizens learn more about self-defense laws by passing out the Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation’s booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law.

This year we are encouraging all our affiliates to reach out further in giving out the educational booklets. Please feel free to give booklets to customers and students, but also at matches, gun clubs, ranges, gun shops, or to any responsible armed citizen, beginner or experienced, who you think will make a good Network member. When you run low on the booklets just call or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get you more. Reading these booklets gives our armed citizens a great place to begin learning and understanding the basics of self-defense law.

For good quality training as well as good products and gunsmithing, we are going to take a look at two of our affiliates in Colorado. There is lots of good stuff going on in CO, much of it complementary, so if you have the means, I recommend patronizing both affiliates.

Our first stop is with our affiliate Keith Everett at M4 Precision in La Porte, CO. Keith has quite a facility with training, a multi-lane indoor range, gunsmithing (including custom builds, fabricating, and machining) and a retail store specializing in assessing customer needs and getting them the right tool for the job.

Let me also mention that Keith and M4 Precision are the exclusive makers of the Farnam Signature M4 or FSM4 rifle! Keith left no standard unsurpassed when it came to making this high quality rifle, and that is why industry giant (and our beloved Advisory Board member) John Farnam put his name on it. Check it out at From working with Keith over the phone and seeing his work, I can say that I would not hesitate to recommend M4 Precision for training, ’smithing, or retail needs.

Just down the road from La Porte in Castle Rock, CO is another great Armed Citizens’ affiliate, Carry on, Colorado! The owners/trainers at Carry on, Colorado are Jeff and Jenna Meek. Both Jeff and Jenna are very highly educated, yet down to earth firearms trainers who teach a broad spectrum of students from basic gun safety, to CCW classes, to legal concerns, as well as providing opportunities for experienced shooters to brush up on their skills.

Jeff and Jenna are huge proponents of education and quality training, and they also host a veritable list of the who’s who of top quality instructors. This year Carry on, Colorado is hosting John Farnam in April for his Defensive Urban Rifle course. I also need to mention a favorite instructor of mine who teaches at Carry on, Colorado, the one and only Marc MacYoung. I highly recommend taking Marc’s Crime Avoidance and Understanding Violence classes. Carry on, Colorado has also hosted industry greats like Massad Ayoob, Tom Givens, Rory Miller, and Kathy Jackson. Check with Jeff or Jenna to see who is coming next.

A final interesting note about Carry on, Colorado: owner Jenna Meek is the author of the critically acclaimed book Calling the Shots. It is an excellent book for anyone, especially women, who are looking for a place to start their own journey into the shooting world. Learn more at

Our affiliates in Colorado are taking very good care of our armed citizens there. I hope that you will go to both businesses and let them know you appreciate all they do to support the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.

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