Legal Defense Fund Auctions
2015 Year in Review

by Vincent Shuck

Last year was a stellar period for our auction activities to benefit the Network’s Legal Defense Fund. We have been conducting our auctions for several years, but to summarize and give credit to our winning bidders as well as our corporate sponsors, allow me to fill-in-the-blanks for our many new members and also remind long-term members about the primary goal of the auctions.

The auctions benefit the Network’s Legal Defense Fund, which is the source account for the post-incident funding of the members’ initial deposit against legal fees, bail support, and expenses associated with legal proceedings or a trial.

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While the primary source of funding comes from members’ initial and renewal dues, the auction offers another key component to our fund growth. No expenses for the auctions are deducted, thus all income is directly allocated and deposited. We include the auction listing announcement in the first of the month emails to members revealing the posting of the Network’s eJournal.

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To become a bidder, all you need to do is go to www.GunBroker.com and register. This is a simple process and gives you access to any of the items listed on GunBroker. Allow me to address that issue. When we post a Network item, everyone who has bidding privileges on GunBroker can bid, thus Network members are competing with other Network members as well as other self-defense and shooting community enthusiasts. Don’t worry! Bid what you believe you are willing to pay for a listed item and what you can afford and know that the highest bidder will win and the funds will go to the deserving Legal Defense Fund.

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Last year we listed and sold a dozen items and earned over $4,000 for the Fund. Our sincere thanks to the winning bidders, many of whom were Network members, and the following corporate sponsors who donated various items and services:

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We intend to post new items this year, please watch for the announcements in Gila’s monthly email alert. We can all use the products and services offered, so why not spend the dollars you would normally spend for these items and allow your expenditure to benefit the Legal Defense Fund. Perfect win-win situation.

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