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Continue your access to the support you need when facing the legal aftermath of using force in self defense both in the immediate aftermath and later, should you be taken to trial to defend your actions. Network membership ensures you won’t go it alone. See full description of Network membership benefits at then renew your membership by choosing one of the options below.

We are sorry, we cannot offer membership to Washington residents. We had previously offered Washington residents renewals of Network memberships set up before March 26, 2020, following the language filed in a legal brief early in our fight, which read--

“Lastly, OIC would like to make clear that the Order provides:
“IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that nothing herein shall prevent the Respondent from fulfilling the terms of contracts formed prior to the effective date of this Order pursuant to RCW 48.15.020(2)(b).
“The Order does not prevent Armed Citizens from honoring its existing memberships in Washington. Armed Citizens’ Washington members that purchased their memberships before the effective date of the Order have the option to renew their memberships. The Order only prohibits Armed Citizens from soliciting and selling new memberships that include insurance.”

Now, the Washington Attorney General has directed us to provide neither renewals or new memberships to Washingtonians as of June 3, 2024. We are working to correct this, and stress that it is a complex and evolving situation. To learn more, please click .

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