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by Marty Hayes, J.D.

NRA Board of Directors

The ballots for the National Rifle Association Board of Directors election have arrived in the NRA membership magazines. I will be voting for the following candidates for election to the Board of Directors.

Adam Kraut, Esq.
Timothy Knight, currently on the NRA Board
Julie Golob
Il Ling New
Wayne Anthony Ross, Network member, currently on the NRA board
Owen “Buz” Mills, currently on the NRA Board

This is my personal opinion; it is not an official endorsement from the Network. But, since this is an opinion column, knowing whom I am voting for to set policy for the NRA might be of some interest to our members and guest readers.

When you get your ballot, remember that you do not have to vote for 25 nominees. In fact, doing so lessens the impact of voting for people you really want to serve. By voting for 25 nominees, you’d increase the vote count of 20 or so folks about whom you really don’t know much and might give them enough votes to defeat the people you really want to serve on the board.

First, of course, learn what you can about the choices. You can find out about the candidates I listed above by Googling their names and “NRA Board” or searching on Facebook for the same. There is a lot of information out there, so if you are an NRA voting member, I encourage you to research the candidates, as I have done and continue to do. As I learn more, I will likely be voting for a few more in addition to those I mentioned.ballot

Speaking of the NRA

The Network is planning to meet current and future Network members in our booth at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits, to be held in Dallas May 4 to 6, 2018. Several of our Advisory Board members will be there too and we are planning an informal meet and greet on Saturday afternoon at the booth. With hundreds of our members also in attendance, this provides a great chance to get our members and Advisory Board together. More on this in a later eJournal.

Upcoming Fundraising Gun Auctions

In November, a Network member who wishes to remain anonymous called me and asked if he could donate some guns for us to auction off to build up the Legal Defense Fund. We were touched by his kind generosity and for thinking of us. He said he doesn’t use these guns anymore and wanted to see something good become of them. Starting up next month, we’ll announce the auction details for the first one, a slick little Colt .380 with a small compensator. It’s perfect for the person who is recoil sensitive. Its sale has the potential to benefit any Network member who may need help paying legal expenses after self defense at some point in the future.

I’m sorry, it will be a short message this month, as I prepare to head to Austin, TX to teach a Deadly Force Instructor course with Massad Ayoob and I am tied up in two expert witness cases at the moment, too. I hope this is enough of my witty riposte. Enjoy the rest of this eJournal

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