by Josh Amos

Well, folks, 2018 is off and running. It looks like this year will be better than ever for all of the members and affiliates who make up the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.

Affiliate Coupons

This past year we have really been pushing our armed citizens’ affiliate coupons out to all of our affiliated instructors. The coupons give new members a little discount on their first-year dues and work hand in hand with our Foundation’s booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law, to bring trained armed citizens into the Network. Since each coupon is individually coded, so they also help us identify the affiliates who are working extra hard to promote the Network. Some affiliates operate in sparsely populated regions and I find it very satisfying to see even our smaller-volume affiliates getting recognized by new members who use the coupon when they join.

Scott GOne of my coupon success stories gives recognition to Scott Giesick from Practical Shooting Instruction. Scott trains in Western Montana, which doesn’t have a large population to draw from as well as some pretty harsh winter seasons when folks are less likely to come out to a gun class, but Scott has been solid in passing out coupons, our booklets and information about the Network to his students. The results have been great! If you are in the Missoula, MT area and are looking to do some quality training – from beginner to advanced, defensive or competition, pistol or long gun, contact Scott Giesick and Practical Shooting Instruction:

Our coupon program has been active for several years. If an affiliate wants a coupon to share with students, or needs us to reissue your coupon, just call me at 360-978-5200 or drop me a line by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Polite Society Podcast

I am proud to have Paul Lathrop as a friend, as is true for all of us here at the Network. In 2012, Paul started a podcast called The Polite Society Podcast where he addresses guns, politics, training, women and guns, guest speakers, and a myriad of other topics related to the Second Amendment and the topic of self defense. If you haven’t yet run across the Polite Society Podcast, you are in for a treat. Paul has banked a large archive of podcasts that make perfect listening material for long drives and long hours spent reloading or cleaning guns.

Paul Lathrop Please check out The Polite Society Podcast here and on Facebook at

Now for a bonus that I am happy to share with Paul Lathrop’s permission, knowing that some of our newer members came recently to the armed citizen family, before we talked about Paul’s story during the fall of 2016. Paul makes his living as a long haul trucker, and in early 2016 he fell prey to a bizarre set of circumstances. He was falsely charged and jailed over an alleged gun incident. Ultimately, Paul’s story has a happy ending, but the story is harrowing. Give a listen here

Paul has since landed squarely on his feet and overcame his ordeal. He recommends the Network to his listeners in nearly every podcast. We appreciate his recommendations! If you are an affiliate and you are out doing great things, drop me an email. I would love to showcase your efforts in one of these columns.

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