Renew Individual Membership - 10 year

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Price: $750.00

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Additional Household Members:

Additonal Members must reside in the Primary Member's household.
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* Applicant's Statement:

By submitting this membership application, I/We attest that under the laws of the United States of America, I am not legally prohibited from possessing firearms, that I am 18 years of age or older, and that I legally reside in the United States. I understand that any grant of benefits is limited to lawful acts of self defense with no additional criminal charges (unlawful possession of concealed handgun, for example) associated with the incident.

Remain eligible for membership benefits including attorney fees immediately paid to the attorney of your choice if you are involved in a self-defense incident (Not limited to gun use–see details in the April 2011 edition of our journal download an archived copy at These funds are to get the attorney working immediately on your behalf, be sure the attorney has funding to hire an independent investigator and initiate other critical steps to protect your rights. Assistance to obtain a bail bond is also available. If you are prosecuted or sued after a legal and justifiable self-defense incident, the Network provides additional financial assistance to defray the substantial legal expenses of going to trial. Funding is also available for appeals and retrials, if needed.

As a member, you also have the option of requesting on-scene assistance after a shooting from Network President Marty Hayes or a Network representative he designates. Read the details at (membership log in required). Hayes’ after-hours emergency phone number is also shown on the back of your membership card.

Washington State residents, please note: Effective March 26, 2020 until further notice, the Network cannot accept new or renewing memberships from Washington State residents. We are allowed to serve existing members, but cannot accept orders from Washingtonians from this date forward.

We continue to fight this restriction by the Washington Office of Insurance Commissioner, just as we have for the past 11 months. Please share our optimism for a good resolution in the courts and check back with us periodically for updates. If you wish to provide feedback, we recommend sharing your thoughts with the Insurance Commissioner