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New Ayoob Book is 2014 Member Education Item

Each year the Network sends members an educational program intended to help them keep current and foremost in mind their duties, rights and responsibilities as armed citizens who may use force in self defense. Heretofore, the Network has produced lectures on DVD to fulfill this goal. This year, we have obtained a full-length book about justifiable use of force in self defense to send to members. The book we selected, Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense by Massad Ayoob, a Network Advisory Board member, covers this topic in such depth that a whole library of DVDs would be required were we to attempt to commit it to spoken lecture.DeadlyForce Cover

Throughout much of 2014, Network President Marty Hayes has been working on a DVD presentation that tells the story of a man for whom he provided expert witness services in defending a shooting case. The working title is Anatomy of a Self-Defense Shooting and when it is completed it will teach a number of very compelling lessons. After several set backs in the program’s production, Hayes expects to have that program ready for release in the spring of 2015, so it should become next year’s member education premium.

During much of 2013 and into 2014, we occasionally heard hints and whispers that Ayoob was working on a new book that would detail justifiable use of deadly force. Occasionally, he would ask for research material or contact details for industry professionals and as it became clearer what he was working on, our interest grew. When the pre-release announcements for Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense came out, it became apparent that Ayoob’s coverage of this vital topic was even better than we had hoped.

Network President Marty Hayes went into negotiations with Gun Digest Books to obtain 10,000 copies of the new title as soon as it was released. The publisher responded with a favorable offer and suggested that for an order this large, the Network should have its own version of the book, which allows us to add several note taking pages for member documentation, as well as a few words from Network President Marty Hayes explaining its importance in member education. DeadlyForceBackCover

The printing presses are scheduled to run the Network version of Deadly Force in November, and if all goes well, the book should be bound, boxed and put on pallets for arrival at the Network toward the end of the month.