Our Advisory Board member passed away in late November 2021. We will leave his profile published for a time in honor of his memory and many accomplishments.

Jim was a former Nebraska certified law enforcement officer and Investigator for the Nebraska State Crime Commission.  He was a practicing trial attorney with 27 years of experience in both criminal defense and civil trials in both the state and federal courts of Minnesota and Nebraska. During that time, he conducted well over 250 trials, in addition to presenting numerous appeals on both the state and federal levels, including the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

He was also an experienced firearms instructor and President of Mid-Minnesota Self-Defense, Inc., a company providing both  basic and advanced firearms self-defense training for private citizens and law enforcement officers. Jim was an NRA certified firearms instructor in the disciplines of pistol, rifle and shotgun, and attended numerous shooting schools including LFI-1 in 2009.

Jim was the author of two books and ran a busy law firm. Learn more about his books and his firm at http://www.jimfleminglaw.com. He was also one of our Network affiliate attorneys, and from 2012-2014 served as Director of Curriculum Development for Network in the area of continuing education for our affiliate attorneys. His work was depicted in the non-fiction book, The Bison King published by Tate Publishing Company, describing Jim’s successful defense of a man, wrongfully accused of first degree murder in a 27 year old, "cold case" homicide investigation, in Minnesota in 2006.  Jim was also an avid hunter and collector of military firearms.