Compiled by Josh Amos and Gila Hayes

It is our pleasure to recognize two of the Network Affiliated Instructors for their high performance levels in promoting the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.

Let’s first give a bit of news from affiliated instructor, John Pemberton. John has a busy schedule as the owner of Spartan Dynamics in South Bend, Indiana, where he promotes education, good training, and responsibility for all of his armed citizen students. Spartan Dynamics hosts a wide range of classes from novice to advanced, pistol, shotgun, rifle, legal issues for armed citizens, as well as armed and unarmed combatives, classes for ladies...and more. In addition to his leadership with Spartan Dynamics and partnership with the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, John also continues to promote his messages of education, training and responsibility with his active partnership with Kodiak Firing Range and Training Facility, also in South Bend, IN.

This level of effort in promoting high standards for armed citizens deserves a mention. So if you or people you care about are looking for high quality training in the Indiana area, contact John Pemberton at Spartan Dynamics. Through all of his classes, John supports the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network and introduces us to his students. Our Network grows stronger through the efforts of members like John. Thank you, John!

We are also impressed this month with Richard Smith who is instructor/owner at the Firearms Training Academy in Davie, FL where Richard teaches a wide range of high education-level classes for armed citizens from beginner to advanced instructor. Richard knocked it out of the park in mid-July when three of his students joined the Network after taking Richard’s class the weekend before. Well-done, Richard!

We also appreciated referrals from our friends at Darnall’s Gun Works in Bloomington, IL ( Susan and Ron Darnall’s instructors give each student a copy of our Foundation’s complimentary booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law and it is always fun when one of those students mails in an application, cites the Gun Works when joining online or mentions these good affiliates when they call in to join.

James Emmick, owner operator of Firearms Training of Western New York is providing the same greatly appreciated referrals. He teaches a variety of concealed carry licensing courses, as well as training in home defense and introduction to concealed carry and other topics. He offers a free class to those who host his programs in their home, office or club for 12 or more students. Learn more about Emmick’s classes at or on his Facebook page

Karl Rehn and his crew at KR Training do a great job of introducing their students to the Network. Karl and his instructors teach a variety of classes, ranging from introductory to expert handgun skills, rifle and reloading classes, as well as the TX license to carry class, hunter education and a lot more, including hosting IPSC matches. KR Training has a lot to offer students in Texas and nearby states, and for those of us too far away to travel to his courses, the blog at provides well-thought out and documented commentary that is well worth your time.

Jason Klinner of WISE Firearm Training near Quincy, IL, teaches students on his private shooting range, and coaches them through skills including many of the NRA fundamental shooting classes, concealed carry licensing classes and customized programs for individuals who contact Jason and his team to learn how to be safe gun owners and hone their shooting skills. Learn more at and

The strength of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network depends upon the kinds of high quality new members that John, Richard, the crew at Darnall’s, James, Karl and Jason and all the rest of our wonderful affiliates have brought onboard. We thank them all for their hard work in telling people about the Network.

We also appreciate all of our members who are out there in their communities being the great examples of armed citizens that they are and introducing new, quality people to our way of life. It has been said that you can judge someone by the company they keep. We’re all in this together and you make us proud, members!

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