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by Marty Hayes, J.D.

A month ago, we were just getting worried about the novel coronavirus, and boy, can a month change a whole lot. A month later, one cannot turn on the computer or other news source without being constantly bombarded about COVID-19. Of course, I am telling you nothing new.

I want to use my space here this month to inform you of the Network’s response to the pandemic and share my thoughts on this subject.

First, my thoughts.

When the presence of coronavirus first hit the news, it was not a big deal. After all, the prognostications were much less severe than a bad flu, and so personally, I felt everyone was over-reacting. Now, I am not so sure, but certainly am keeping an open mind that this could fizzle out without some type of mass death toll resulting from the virus.

The media has either done an incredibly good job of keeping us informed, or on the other hand, has blown the issue completely out of context, resulting in the current worldwide panic. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between.

I also cannot dismiss the idea that the whole media response is a conspiracy to make President Trump vulnerable to losing re-election. I am reminded of Clinton consultant James Carville’s 1992 political phrase, “It’s the economy stupid” when assessing the prospects of re-election to office. President Trump has certainly done a good job growing the U.S. economy in his first term in office.

As I write this, the federal government purports to be getting ready to send each American a thousand dollars or more, to offset the economic fallout of the economic distress. While on the surface this seems logical, I am not sure it is the best approach. It would be one thing if the federal government wasn’t already trillions of dollars in debt, with no real plan or effort toward getting out of debt. This will just add to our debt and that does not make me happy. But, thinking selfishly, I am of an age where it is unlikely to really affect me personally, when the nation goes bankrupt. I wonder what that would look like? Who knows? All I know that I will do the best I can to provide for my family and myself as I look towards the golden years. As I do, I cannot help but think that the whole government response to this “crisis” will change things for years to come.

Some of the economic hardships are already starting. My training business is taking a hit, while on the other hand, the Network is adjusting. More details from Gila in this journal’s final column.

What I do know is that many, many people will be facing economic distress because of this event. I know that those in distress will include Network members. If you have lost your job, either temporarily or permanently, we here at the Network have sympathy for you. One thing the Network will not do is leave you without being able to access Network benefits because of a temporary financial setback. Please read Gila’s editorial for the exact mechanism through which we will make sure you are not left out in the cold without help because you lost your job during these troubled times.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts at this time. I close with my hopes you will all weather this unprecedented situation in good shape.


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