GHayesby Gila Hayes

I’ve enjoyed many educational opportunities lately, and our journal’s lead articles continue to reflect the knowledgeable people with whom I’ve been privileged to speak. Next month, we’ll have a good discussion about getting the most out of training courses when we interview Mike Seeklander. Mike is one of the training gurus responsible for the content on The Best Defense TV, champion competitive shooter, and popular firearms instructor with whom the Network is proud to be affiliated.

With Mike’s new American Warrior Society website ( set up for 72-hour introductory membership access, you don’t have to wait for his interview in our journal next month, you can go online to start learning from him right away. Members, if you like what you see during your introductory membership, log in to our Discounts/Coupons webpage at for a 10% off discount code and save on AWS membership.

We have a great reciprocal relationship going with Mike. In return for the discount he gives Network members, he advises American Warrior Society members to join the Network using a coupon for a discount on our first year membership. It brings members to the Network that are passionate about their training and preparation so it’s a great win-win for all involved!

Testing, Testing...

I got involved in an email exchange a few days ago that put a slightly different spin on the concern Marty expressed in this month’s President’s Message over how often potential members want us to measure Network membership benefits against our competitors.

A volley of emails with a non-member recently began with a simple question about membership benefits applicability to non-gun defenses, then asked how Network services compare with those of a prominent prepaid legal provider, and wrapped up with the very direct question of why Network membership dues are lower than the competitor’s fees. In response, I stressed how our benefits work to protect members, after outright telling my correspondent that I would not sell Network membership benefits by denigrating a competitor.

His closing email said: “This is exactly the response I was hoping for from a company I am thinking about doing business with...I apologize for the question but, as I have done with the others, I wanted to see what the response would be. I was not very pleased with some of the responses I have gotten and have told them so. You have definitely got me as a soon-to-be customer. This kind of customer service is lost these days.”

Our Generous Members

Thank you, members, for the many generous gifts this past month that swelled the Network’s Legal Defense Fund. In March, members and corporate sponsors increased the Fund by more than $1,500 over and above the membership dues percent deposited in the Fund for use when a member has a self-defense incident. Each $15 or $25 Fund contribution made at adds up to make a huge difference for the individual member receiving an attorney’s assistance after self defense.

I am always touched when a new member adds a Fund donation to their membership dues. After I sent a thank you note to one gentleman, I got the following response: “You are very welcome, and thanks to you and the other officers of the Network for providing this service.

“Even if I did not have a firearm and were never going to need your service, I would support the Network. That’s because our survival as a democracy relies not only on the democratic voting process but on the First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech and press. And the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms is what backs up the First Amendment. But if citizens are afraid to bear arms because of potential legal consequences then that Second Amendment is undermined.”

He added a few other lines in response to my thank you note, but you get the idea. This member came to us because another Network member cared enough to share one of the Network member education DVDs with a few of his shooting buddies. Both men illustrate the quality of members joining the Network. We are truly fortunate to serve such good folks!

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