Compiled by Josh Amos

It is November and time for a networking update for all of our members. As we gear up for 2017, a lot of good things are happening here at the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. Our newest development is that we have launched a second Facebook page to serve as a sister site to our popular legal issues discussion page on Facebook. The new page, focused on promoting Network membership, can be found at You will know you have the correct page when you see our name and logo with the scales of justice superimposed over the picture of our advisory board. Please come and have a look at all the content on the page and then give us a “Like.”

Then I ask that you please take that next step and share us with your friends. This will help us reach more armed citizens and in turn, build a bigger, stronger, and more unified Network for all of us. I understand that Facebook has a reputation for goofing off, but we are using it as a business tool to reach out to armed citizens everywhere.

There’s lots of good content on our Facebook site, we post articles twice a day, educational book reviews specific to armed citizens, and we are growing a video library, as well. All of our content comes from industry giants like Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Tom Givens, Dennis Tueller, Jim Fleming, our Network President Marty Hayes, and many other guests who are experts at what they do.

In addition to Facebook, we are continuing to strive for wider distribution for our educational foundation’s booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law. If you know other responsible armed citizens, please give them a booklet. Those folks might be beginners or advanced, students, or fellow shooters; they can be single action shooters or tactical shooters, they can be recreational shooters or professional competitors, as long as they are responsible, educated, and believe in good training, we are happy to have them along.

Isaac B. Espejo 2You can order or reorder booklets by contacting me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. On the outside chance you’ve not yet seen this publication, you can download a PDF for your own review at and then let me know how many copies you’d like.

One of my favorite duties here at the Network is recognizing people for doing good work. First, let’s head out west so I can introduce several of my affiliates who are doing great work in NV and CA. Just outside of Las Vegas, The Green Valley Range in Henderson, NV is a place you need to Jerry Tumminia1put on your must see list. The Green Valley Range ( is a shooter’s destination with a fourteen lane shooting range, classes that span beginner to expert, an on-staff armorer, and full auto rental program. The operations manager Isaac Espejo (above, right) and owner Jerry Tumminia (left), have been big supporters of the Armed Citizens’ Network and they operate a clean and classy place that fits the needs of a wide variety of shooters.

If you are in NV and want a top notch shooting experience, go to The Green Valley Range, and tell Isaac, Jerry, and the rest of their crew “Thank you for supporting the Armed Citizens Network!”

Wesley LagomarsinoNext, we go to Sacramento, CA and meet Wesley Lagomarsino (left), who owns and operates Lagomarsino’s Firearms Institute, Inc.
Wesley has been an affiliated instructor for the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network since 2012. His extensive training and experience makes him the kind of instructor who can help shooters of all levels  and skill sets make noticeable improvements. Wesley promotes the same core values of responsibility, education, and good training on which the Armed Citizens’ Network is founded. Wesley also expands his students’ opportunities to learn by hosting a variety of guest instructors like Massad Ayoob and Mike Seeklander.

DefensiveDynamicWesley has a great range of courses for every skill level. If you are a beginner, or maybe you are better with a pistol than a rifle, Wesley will help strengthen your weaker areas, and he does it in a way that encourages you to want to do more than you ever thought possible. If you are an advanced shooter who really wants to move up to the next level, Wesley was a high level competitor in IDPA and will use his skills and experience to get you where you want to go.

I have to say that working with Wesley on a professional level is great and I have no doubt that if I lived in Sacramento, Wesley would be getting my money!

Finally, let me wrap this up with a word of thanks to Craig Jones of Defensive Dynamics of Virginia, LLC in Henrico, VA. Craig is an affiliated instructor and a great supporter of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network. Craig sent us this picture of a tidy display from his classroom, including two of our tabletop membership sales posters, and one of our member education items, Massad Ayoob’s book Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense. Well done, Craig!

That does it for this month folks. Please have a great Thanksgiving and thank you for supporting the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network!

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