Confused by all the post-incident protection plans?

Armed citizens have a number of options for support after self defense. These include the Network's membership benefits, as well as competitors selling insurance, prepaid legal service plans and hybrids. Frequently callers ask how they can choose. While we can't speak to what other businesses do, we are happy to provide an indepth review of the Network’s membership benefits.

Network dues are affordable.
New members pay $135 for their first year's dues and renewing members pay $95 per year. Members can add a member living in the same household for an additional $60 per year. (Multi-year rates available.)

Think it can’t happen to you?

Download our free 46-page PDF telling the story of a Tucson, AZ man, assaulted in his own driveway by three people and the trials he endured defending against criminal charges the prosecutor pursued twice. Free download available here or click the cover (to the left).