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  • Post-incident support paid at the time it is needed

    • Fee deposit paid to your attorney immediately after self defense for representation during questioning and other vital defense services upon a showing of legitimate use of force in self defense
    • Bail assistance: The Network will work with the member to arrange for bail after the member has used force in legitimate self defense
    • Additional funding for trial team to vigorously defend member against criminal charges or civil litigation, appeals or retrials
    • No artificial limits: practical limit is 1/2 of Legal Defense Fund for any single member case
  • Affordable dues
    • $135/first year; only $95/year to renew
  • Huge member education package
    • Proven education by recognized experts teaches how to avoid trouble and prepares you to cope with the unavoidable
  • You're in charge
    • Choose your own attorney or one of our affiliated attorneys

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The Network focuses funding to address members’ most serious fears after self defense

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